REUSE -India

An environmental initiative tackling the acutely growing issue of e-waste, a challenge termed as the ‘Monster under the 21st Century’s Bed’ by the organization, through a variety of awareness and collection drives across the nation. REUSE was founded by Rishit Jain, a Student of Grade 12, who was 14 years old then.

Starting in the small city of Gurgaon, with the young Rishit carrying used Diwali lights and broken iPods in his bare hands and storing them in his basement, REUSE today works in 5 States across the nation: Haryana, Delhi, Karnataka, Mahrashtra and Nagaland. With Parinita Bali, also of Grade 12 joining in as co-Founder, they have been tying up with Schools, residential societies, hospitals, government organizations, NGOs, student-led projects and e-waste recyclers. REUSE has expanded its reach exponentially since then. While the work is purely environmental, the Founders believe in sustaining such initiatives not through manipulation of its audience but through monetarily sustainable models that ensure every penny spent in making the world a better place, is a penny earned.

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A few notable achievements are:

  1. Conducted collection drives in the Mallya Aditi International School, Indus International School Bangalore and in many residential societies in Gurgaon.
  2. Organized awareness drive for maintenance staff of La Lagune about the dangers of e-waste
  3. Initiated awareness-raising merchandise in the form of t-shirts and notebooks to help ensure operations are monetarily self-sustainable, during the La Lagune FLEAstival 2018.
  4. Focused immensely on student-led work, through the “e-world minus e-waste” initiative promoting student-organized awareness, collection drives and by expanding the volunteering network across Gurgaon
  5. Organized a poster competition for young kids to raise awareness on e-waste.
  6. Official Social Partner for the Ingenium Fest and the Pathways Science Symposium
  7. Marketing and Consulting tie-up with the student-funded project Trash-It – an app that helps identify the types of wastes present in one’s waste
  8. The partnership established for work with YouthNet, the largest youth-based organization in Nagaland.

As the project continues to expand its network of tie-ups and partnerships, it aspires to grow internationally too, taking with it a fervent message that gives voice to an environmental concern otherwise unheard of.

Rishit has taken his zeal for social entrepreneurship ahead in the form of consultancy, amalgamating corporatism with a vision and helping student-led projects grow and develop. For example, consulting for the Youth’s Lens – an online publication on economics, politics, cultural and philosophical matters – which today boasts an international network of student writers empowering them with a platform to develop their journalistic capacities while edifying the world around about current events. Similarly, he is working with another student-led project, The Ingenium Fest, a charitable art fair in the works raising money for mental health, attracting corporate sponsors, while providing young, aspiring students an opportunity to illustrate their artistic capacities. He continues to expand his network of student-led projects to cover a broader range of social and environmental problems.

Parinita, too, has done some outstanding work in the field of social development founding the Gurukul Project. Inspired by work she did with an NGO that works towards the improvement of women’s literacy in rural districts, in India, she accompanied the NGO to Lalitpur (a small city with multiple villages in Uttar Pradesh). Witnessing the growth in confidence of the women of the area, it became her goal to achieve a similar zenith of work and make the same difference to someone’s life. Therefore, the birth of this project. Its purpose, a simple one: to work with children in government schools and the authorities of the government schools, and attempt to bridge the gap between private and government education. This project has a bright future, for now, connecting with 4 government schools in Haryana and working towards progressive and systematic management of progress reports, and facilities required by the schools.

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8th PWSMUN Conference Opening Ceremony Epitomises Grandeur

The day started off in great fervour, with the secretariat running around in attempts to perfect every little detail, as they anticipated the arrival of 12 delegations from across the country. Each school arrived with enthused smiles, as PWSMUN 2018 commenced.

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The evening was graced by the presence of the Guest of Honour, Dr. Jitendra Nath Misra, the School Director, Dr. Sarvesh Naidu, Senior School Principal, Ms. Manjula Shenoi,  Middle School Principal, Mr. Sumit Dargan, and the Primary School Principal, Ms. Monika Bhimwal.

The PWS student volunteers accompanied all the schools around the campus, resulting in instant connections and amicable conversations. The delegates displayed relaxed and confident demeanors, with the most zealous already capitalizing on as much lobbying as possible.

As evening descended upon the gathering, the opening ceremony commenced with the solemn notes of a classic piano composition. Our keen emcees Chandan Samal and Devangi Verma of Grade 11 then introduced PWS Executive Director, Dr. Sarvesh Naidu, who addressed the evening with compelling words that mirrored the sentiment of this MUN conference.

A choir of cheery middle-school students graced the occasion with its mellifluous rendition of ‘Heal the World’, a timeless harmony by Michael Jackson, inspiring a sense of unity and compassion among the enraptured audience. Thus, the conference theme was aptly introduced: ‘Prosper or Suffer: Manipulation in a Greedy World’.

Next, each of the twelve delegations was welcomed to the tune of a grand melody, rising as their school’s name was announced.

Continuing along the lines of musical rejuvenation, the senior school rock band performed electrifying covers of two classic rock songs: ‘Dream On’ by Aerosmith, and ‘Feeling Good’ by Muse. The songs had the audience tapping their feet to the dynamic beats, and the tunes stayed with them long after.

The emcees then invited the Head of MUN World, Mr. Anansh Prasad, to present the time-honored gavels to the prestigious Chairs of each committee. After each executive board member was called upon the stage; Chairs, Vice-Chairs, and Rapporteurs standing in tall, Mr. Prasad addressed the crowd with words that further spirited the evening.

This was followed by a thematic dance by the IB and CAS dancers of senior school, choreographed by Mr. Norbu Tshering, entitled ‘Overcoming Manipulation’. The inspirational speech by our esteemed Guest of Honour, Mr. Jitendra Nath Misra was heavily influenced by the same, and his sagacious words rang with profound ruminations and intriguing anecdotes inspired by the conference theme.

As a felicitous final performance, the MYP dancers presented a dance-drama on the life of the great emperor Ashoka. Their moves showcased grace and the story compelled reflection on resonating truths.

When the Secretary-General Rishit Jain was called up on stage, the audience promptly erupted with vigorous applause. He officiated the opening of the 8th PWSMUN conference with the pound of his gavel, as the letters ‘PWSMUN’ momentously lit up to his words.

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Round Square International Conference 2018 @ Appleby College, Canada

The Round Square International Conference 2018 from Saturday, 29th September to Friday, 5th October 2018 was hosted by Appleby College. Two student delegates from Pathways World School and a Teacher Escort were privileged to attend the same. With more than 800 students from 59 countries around the globe, the RSIC 2018 promoted an environment where diversity was embraced, and global outlook encouraged.

The Conference Theme ‘Bring Your Difference’ highlighted all the different iterations of diversity, and empowered students to embrace the differences that exist between them. An understanding of some difficult topics, including the importance of indigenous culture and the status of refugees worldwide was brought out effectively by the Key Note Speakers. Canada’s place in these topics was highlighted, but ultimately, connections were made globally.

 The elite list of Key Note Speakers included Mr. Wade Davis, Professor of Anthropology, The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, 26th Governor General of Canada (1999-2005) and Co-Chair of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and Ms. Candy Palmater, Actor, Writer, Comic and Activist amidst others.

 “It was a treat to hear these legends and witness their impregnable conviction to bring their difference in the world,’’said Corissa Larson, Student Committee Leader of the host school.

Amongst other highlights was the Activity Day at Muskoka Woods and City Chase at Toronto. Speaking about the former, all delegates (adults included) engaged in an entire day’s activity with one or more focus discoveries from the Round Square Discovery Framework. Activities like Maple Syrup Tasting with focus on Commitment to Sustainability, delegate learned how maple syrup is produced and discovered unique benefits of it. Ms. Gertrude Dudley, Teacher Escort of King’s Academy, Jordan were particularly impressed with the Blanket Exercise Activity with focus on Compassion and Inquisitiveness.

She went on to say, “Blanket Workshop was one of the bests I ever attended at a RS Conference. Thought-provoking and informative.’Walking the path of broken promises to Canada’s First Peoples raised awareness and ignited a desire to make our world a more just and equitable place.

There were eight such engaging Activities including Service Day with focus on Teamwork, Commitment to Service, Compassion and Waste Water Challenge with focus on Inventiveness, Ability to Solve Problems, Commitment to Sustainability.

 On Thursday, 4th October Conference delegates participated in an Adventure Race through Toronto which highlighted the cultural diversity of Canada’s largest city as well as unique aspects of Canadian culture.

“This activity was similar to the experience of a Scavenger Hunt and the perfect opportunity for students to display their skills of working together as a team,” explained Meharr Talwar, a delegate from Pathways World School, Gurgaon. Beyond the hectic yet an exciting schedule, Student delegates were all praises about their homestay families and the immaculate hospitality they received. “My home-stay family treated me to traditional Canadian Food,” said an excited delegate from Welham Boys, Dehradun. Besides, the 22 different kinds of squirrels in Canada accounted for the delegates love for them. The Opening and Closing Ceremony were also spectacular especially the dance and choir groups.

The Pathwaysian delegates were also fortunate to visit the University of Waterloo and the Niagara Falls post the Conference, their exhilaration rising to a crescendo.

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The Conference also provided every single delegate laughter, memories, and friendships they will cherish forever. However, the ‘piece de resistance’ was an insight into the learning of bringing a difference in the society while representing various cultures, background, and personalities.

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PATHWAYS-REWIRED: 2nd Alumni Homecoming Dinner Reception

On the 19th of August 2018, Pathways Schools hosted their 2nd Alumni Homecoming Dinner Reception, at Hotel Roseate House, New Delhi. The event was very special for the reason that it was held in Pathways’ landmark 15th year of existence.

The nostalgic evening saw close to 250 Pathwaysians (Alumni, Faculty, Principals, School Directors, Former Faculty) rewire together. Alumni from all thee Pathways Schools graced the event and we saw representation all the way from the Class of 2005 to the Class of 2018.

We also had a very special guest make his debut amongst our Alumni for the first time: The School Mascot

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COMCON 2018 – Business and Economics Fest at G D Goenka School

13 students from Pathways School Noida participated in the COMCON 2018, Business and Economics Fest at G D Goenka School on Monday 20th August 2018.

Our students participated in 4 events namely Business Quiz, Video Making, Product Display and Poster Making. It was a well organised event where 9 schools participated.

Our students had an enriching experience where they learnt to work together, make decisions within time and produce measurable outcomes. Few of them were appreciated for their performances but we thought that every student grew in experience.

Snigdha Khurana won the Runners Up Medal in Poster making and our Business Quiz Team comprising of Aayush, Ishan, Paarth and Adyant had to settle with the Second Runners up position after a tight tie-breaker.

The opening ceremony consisted of a musical piece and a Dance item which was well appreciated. We were then told to move to the respective venues of the competition.

For the poster making competition the Rubric were very broad, so our students had to take variety of art materials for the event. They were told to create a A3 size poster on Sustainability in two hours. They used the materials very intelligently. Snigdha brought some wires from home which she used in her layout to add uniqueness.

The Business Quiz started with the elimination round where all nine teams were given a Business Crossword to solve. Our team was selected as one of the top four teams for the following rounds. Though “Scottish High” was the deserving winner, we ended up joint second for this competition. The organisers then declared a tie-breaker round to decide the second position. Our team knew most of the answers but failed to press the buzzer on time. So, despite knowing three out of the five questions we could not scale the tiebreaker.

The Video making was a round where student had to prepare a video on “Sustainability threats of economic growth” before coming to the competition. Our students Vanshikaa Jain and Naman Kasana were one of the few students who stressed on original footage and linking them together in their film. While many schools used images and videos from internet and masked them with their voices.

The final round was of “Product Design” . Our team of Vanshika Goel, Vidisha Singhal and Gariyasi Garg even made a prototype of their idea. The product design of our counter was a women centric idea.


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I Can conference at PWS

On 18th and 19th of August 2018, Pathways World School Aravali witnessed 370 students (ranging from class 8 to class 12) playing the roles of corporate honchos, media house personnel and political party leaders in a conference which was held for the second year in a row and is designed and conducted by a Dehradun based company called “I Can.” which conducts such conferences with eminent schools across the country. This two-day conference gave them an insight on how the real world outside the four walls of the school functions. Students tried to identify their calling as they scurried around for two days trying to bid, negotiate, make advertisements, shoot news, formulate radio ads, make a newspaper, come up with new ideas for both for-profit and non-profit ventures. Eminent Entrepreneurs like (Mr. Pratham Mittal, Wharton Alumni, founder Outgrow) and Corporate Leaders (Mr. Viraj Shetty, ISB Alumni, Opera Solutions) to name a few, were invited to work with and guide students on their ideas and educate them in Intraprenerurship and CSR.

“I Can India” founded by Mr. Akshit Batra, an Alumni of Doon School, and run in partnership with Ms. Shradha Agarwal, an Alumni of Indian School of Business, is a Corporate Political Simulation that is designed to instill soft skills and life skills among students with the main focus to provide a platform to encourage public speaking. While the students are divided into Corporate Houses, Media Houses and Political parties, over the two days they see elections, a government being formed with a Prime Minister and an Opposition and the bills that has to pass in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha for the Government to stand.

The two days concluded with students performing and displaying their talents in dance, music and public speaking. The awards were given out to the best CEO-Corporate House & Media house, Leader of Political Party, Ad, News, Social media coverage, best speakers and cash prizes were given out to the best Entrepreneurship and Social-Entrepreneurship ideas to encourage the students to pursue it further. The ‘I Can’ Team, led by the operation head Mr. Achal Khare consists of young vibrant individuals who are passionate about improving the education systems in India. They work closely with students over these two days in a capacity of a friend and claim that Pathways Aravali are some of the brightest minds that they have worked with and are looking forward to the third conference next year.

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Tree plantation – CAS project

In the fast-paced world of today, one of the biggest challenges humanity faces is to live in harmony with Mother Nature. Working towards creating this harmony, on 12th of August 2018, students of DP 1 went for a plantation drive to Wazirabad Bundh. The long drive and traffic did not dampen their spirits and the students arrived at the destination eager to make their contribution to this noble cause. Ms. Anjali, who is a volunteer at the ‘I AM GURGAON’ NGO, briefed the students about native plant species of the Aravalis: Goya Khair, Gundi, Bistendo and Adusa. Not only did she brief the students about the plantation activity, but also shared that some of the plants had medicinal and religious importance.

The students were divided into groups of three and each group was tasked to plant fifteen saplings. However, they were so enthused that all the groups planted more than the mark. Stepping out of their comfort zones, they soiled their hands, more than they ever had in a very long time. This activity helped them understand, that making a change or being the change is so much easier. The activity ended with a short quiz by Ms. Anjali and prize distribution to the winners. The smallest of contributions can help way more than is imagined and all we need is to make a start. With an impetus to carry forward this initiative, the students now await going back to Wazirabad to see the growth of the saplings.

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Harvard Model United Nations 2018 @ Hyderabad

On 12th August, 5 Senior School students, set out with the Middle School MUN Coordinator, Rohini Chandhoke, to attend the prestigious HMUN (Harvard MUN) in Hyderabad. This is one of the largest MUNs held in Asia-Pacific, where over 1700 participants from different schools in India and abroad, along with a host of individual delegates participate. The participants from PWS were Ishaan Gupta, Ishan Agarwal, Vidur Channa and Aditya Banerji of Grade 12 and Aniket Mittal of Grade 11 were the proud PWS participants for this year’s HMUN. Rishit Jain, a seasoned MUN debater from Grade 12-after a rigorous selection process comprising of writing an essay, followed by an interview -was selected to be the Assistant Director for SPECPOL (The Special Political and Decolonization Committee). It was indeed a proud moment for Pathways Aravali, to have one of our own students as the Assistant Director for such a reputed MUN, where most of the chairs of the Committees were from Harvard.

The students were awestruck at the mere size of the Hyderabad International Convention Centre where the MUN was organised. There were introductory sessions explaining the rules and procedures, followed by debates and proceedings on the following day. The final day saw the delegates forming resolution papers within their respective blocs. A lot of lobbying was involved as member states wanted to compare strategies and watch their bloc win.

There was an entertainment programme organised on the last day for the delegates wherein they enjoyed the interaction with the delegates of the other schools.

This MUN stood apart from all the other MUNs because it stressed on diplomacy as opposed to aggression in asserting points, in collaboration, and in decision making. This was the greatest learning opportunity for any MUN participants.


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Project Saarthi launched by Pathways World School Aravali

On 19 July 2018, Pathways World School launched the second phase of Hum Saarthi Project. The Project is led by the school in association with FICCI Arise and Simple Education Foundation (SEF) and aims to improve student learning in Government Middle School, Aklimpur by transforming the school culture and strengthening the teaching and learning processes by using different strategies.

The students and the Head, Ms. Anita Yadav, of Government Middle School, Aklimpur welcomed the guests and officials with a song and dance program. Dr. Sarvesh Naidu, Executive Director Pathways Schools, Ms. Paramjit Narang, Director of Project Hum Saarthi, and various District and Block Education Officers were present to grace the occasion. The Village Sarpanch Mr. Anand Vashist and the members of the Village School Committee were also invited.

Dr. Naidu in his message to the GMS Aklimpur community, reiterated the commitment of Pathways World School Aravali to the success of Hum Saarthi – Tier 2 programme for the transformation of the quality of education at GMS Aklimpur.

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PSN shines at World Scholars Cup in Barcelona

Thirty-three students from Pathways school Noida recently took part in the global round of the World Scholars cup that was held at Barcelona from the 21st to 27th of July. There were over 2100 students from 57 countries who participated in this inter-school competition. The students competed at various levels and in different formats: Debating, Writing, Scholars bowl and Scholars challenge. Pathways students won several accolades on this international platform and 33 students have qualified for the final round to be held at Yale University, later this year.

Earlier, the teams from Pathways School Noida had stood first in the South East Asian region in both Junior (under 14) and Senior (14 & above) age divisions. In Barcelona, the Junior team stood 13th amongst the 330 teams participating. The Senior Team (24 students) won a total of 94 silver medals, 61 gold medals and 2 trophies. The Junior Team 9 students) won a total of 79 silver medals, 51 gold medals and 4 trophies.

Prachi Sharma, a student from the school, was selected for the Debate Showcase, which is an opportunity given to students who have made it to the top 10 in the debate category. Dev Vaidya was adjudged the school’s Top Scholar. In the junior division, Arushi Lakhanpal achieved the 6th position amongst the top 10 students in the Subject Challenge. She was also the top Junior Scholar from the school.

Ms. Divya Pandanda, member of the Pathways School Noida faculty, received the “Coach of the year” award in recognition of her endeavour in mentoring students for this competition. One of the senior students, Jaskaran Singh performed Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t” to resounding applause from the large audience seated in the magnificent under water auditorium at Barcelona’s Convention Centre.

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