Pathways School Noida Swimmers Triumph at Inter School Swimming Competition

Pathways School Noida swimmers secured overall 2nd position by winning 8 Gold, 10 Silver, 9 Bronze in Individual Event and 1 Gold, 5 Silver and 2 Bronze in Relays along with 16 schools from Delhi NCR consisting of state and national level medalist.

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Farewell Letter by Ms Anupama Diddee

img-20170713-wa0000.jpgThis is a farewell letter written to the Management of Pathways by Ms Anupama Diddee, HOD, Additional Learning Support Department. She has been at Pathways for more than 10 years. We wish her all the best for her future endeavours.



Dear Mr Jain,

With a very heavy heart I write this final goodbye mail to you. Time takes on different dimensions through the life span of an individual. As I look back at the 10 years gone by, it seems like a lifetime that I have spent here at Pathways!

As the youngest HoD at that time, I started my tenure with a vision to set up a system of support that was one of the strongest and best suited for children with disabilities. Everyone has a story that inspires them and mine was that of a woman who is found throwing starfish back into the ocean. When asked if she would be able to accomplish the task as there were thousands of them spread across several miles of the ocean, she picks up one, throws it back and says, “I can make a difference to at least this one!” Pathways gave me the opportunity to make a difference to many such lives and I will always be indebted to you for the freedom, flexibility, support, encouragement and recognition that I have received at every step. During the last 10 years I have been to many conferences and workshops where I have praised the involvement and encouragement of the school management in including children with disabilities in every sphere of school life. It is a place where all children, irrespective of their differences, are welcomed, accepted, appreciated and celebrated! This is the reason why Pathways will always be known as a school with a heart! However, the appreciation and gratitude that I have been able to voice over the years are a very small fraction of what I have received.

As I leave today, I go back very enriched in every aspect of my personality, experiences and learning. But more than that I go back having accumulated blessings to last me a lifetime! Pathways gave me the opportunity to make everlasting bonds with my students and their parents. We have collectively undertaken the journey with every child. I am sure we will keep creating more success stories to inspire Special Educators across the country! I am very happy to see how far the Department has come and how strong the ALS Team has emerged. It is a group of passionate individuals solely driven by their love for their children. Together we have been able to create a system that is a pioneer of inclusive education in India. I am always proud to say that no one does it as well as we do!

On a personal front, my family joins me in conveying their gratitude to the entire Pathways community for being our extended family. My daughter Diya has grown up on this campus and Pathways will always be a part of our childhood memories of her. I will always be grateful to her teachers, who not only carried her in their hearts, but also honed her individuality and helped her become the person she is today!

It was a cold, dark December evening in 2006, when I walked into this campus and met Dr Kiran Datar, Mr Praveen Jain and Mrs Prabhu. Little did I know that it was going to be a life changing event for me and what lay in store were numerous challenges, goals, planning, teamwork, achievements, celebrations…which would make it one of the most satisfying phases of my life! The campus also gave me some wonderful, long lasting friendships and is the best example of community living! If you remember my last conversation with you, I had requested you to create tags which read ‘Always a Pathwazian’… as I am never going to wear the ‘Visitor’ tag as I go around this campus on my next visit! J Pathways is and will always be home for me!!

Here is wishing lots of happiness, contentment and success to you and your entire family! I will be very happy to see the Pathways flag reach greater heights in times to come! I would be very happy to stay connected and make whatever contributions that I can in the future too! Thank you very much for everything!




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Pathways Aravali lets boarders go home on weekends

Delhi Times, Gurgaon Time and Noida Times recently did a feature on Weekly Boarding at Pathways Aravali.


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Global lessons

Lasya Ramakrishnan, student at Pathways school Gurgaon, shared her experience at regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup in Monday edition of Education Times



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Congratulations to Pathways Boys , Akhsat Dhawan & Angad Chawla

Congratulations to Pathways Boys , Akhsat Dhawan(Student Council President) and Angad Chawla (Student Council Sports Captain) on being selected amongst best 15 to represent Haryana Hurricane at the forthcoming India Junior Cricket Premier league , the list is out on the IPL website too.

#inspirability #Pathways #IPL #Perseverance #PSG #cricketlovers #achievement


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The Annual Columbia Run

annual columbia run

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Pathwaysian winners @Behybrid


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Student Led Conference @Pathways Aravali

An important component of the PYP philosophy is the development of learners, who are actively engaged in building on their previous knowledge and experiences, and applying new understandings to become reflective, self-directed learners. Learners are encouraged to be Risk-takers who set and achieve worthwhile goals for themselves, and effectively communicate their ideas to others. One way in which we help Students from Grades Pre-Nursery to 4 accomplish this, is through Student-led Conferencing.

The benefits of holding a Student-Led Conference include:

  • Teaching students to reflect more deeply on their progress and to set goals for continued personal, social and academic growth
  • Giving students increased ownership of their academic progress
  • Providing a forum for students to share the contents of their PYP portfolios with their parents
  • Developing students’ communication skills

This is also a unique opportunity for Parents to take a more active part in their child’s learning, and a forum to see their child’s enthusiasm for school work.

 GRADE 4 - 3GRADE 1 - 5GRADE 1 - 6GRADE 1 - 3GRADE 4 - 5GRADE 1 - 1GRADE 4 - 4GRADE 2 - 1

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Pathways Gurgaon students repair road to end villager’s misery

Enthused with the spirit of service, as many as 35 students of Pathways School Gurgaon joined hands with the Earth Saviours Foundation to end the woes of Bandhwari villagers by paving the road, which has been in a dilapidated state from many years now and is a cause of major discomfort to them, especially the elderly and the sick.


To contribute their precious little, the students took the initiative to help repair the road. They started by removing rocks from the coarse path and sprinkling water over the cleared ground to smoothen the road. The children were filled with enthusiasm and did not hold back their efforts even after they were ankle-deep in cement, as they levelled the road.

In no time, the road was patched up and the students remained relentless, perfecting the rocky crevices and continuously bringing more batches of cement for the other workers to use.


It was a fascinating lifetime experience for the students, as they felt very proud to do something constructive for the community. The villagers in turn were extremely happy and lauded the students for their efforts.

This road mending will benefit the life of about 2300 villagers of Bandhwari. After repairing the road, the students visited the office of the Earth Saviours Foundation where they were presented with trophies and certificates. 

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Swachh Paryavaran Walk

On Sunday, 19th February, early morning, a group of 100 plus students of Pathways World School Aravali joined hands together, along with a score of faculty members to join in the PHDCCI (PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry) sponsored Swachh Paryavaran Walk.

We left, after a slight delay, owing to traffic obstructions, for the venue.

The early morning quiet was regularly interrupted by the healthy laughter and the high spirits of the students on the buses.  This was quite unusual from other trips where early morning gets us only the buzz of the occasional snore!!!IMG-20170220-WA0006

Arriving at the venue, Rajpath looked glorious as ever and the distant India Gate, covered partly in haze looked to be a plausible destination. Right through the journey, we had changed into the attire for the performances, donning the caps, t-shirts and the scarves and the badges.   _MG_3847

The Guest of Honour, Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting was welcomed by the members of the PHDCCI Governing Body. He addressed the assembled students and adults and encouraged them to work towards a clean, green environment and to assume responsibility as the future citizens of this planet.

He then flagged off the walk and witnessed the tableaus and performances of various schools.

Pathways Aravali was one of the key presenters in this section and a select group of enthused performers got the crowd standing still with their performance on the prestigious Rajpath.IMG_20170219_075645986

For more on this performance, please find it at the link:

With a myriad range of experiences shared by young adults all across the spectrum, we reached the India Gate, walking and performing to the audiences and crowds who had gathered there from far and wide to join in this mission of a cleaner environment.


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