Cold Feet No More

The tender, loving care of human beings will never become obsolete.

People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed and redeemed and redeemed.

-Sam Levenson

Cold Feet No More, an initiative by Abhay Singh and Shaimay Shah, students of Pathways School Gurgaon, undertaken to keep those in need warm during the winter, began with a request to students to bring in warm clothes, especially socks and caps for protection against the cold. Students of Grade 11 went out at night to the streets of Gurgaon to distribute these wearables and earned it return smiles and gratitude from those who received them.

We would like to thank all of those who made the invaluable contributions



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Student Action Story: Grade 2 Student’s compassion for Underprivileged

A teacher is someone who takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart!
We are very delighted to share one of the success stories of Grade 2 Student Aahvana, this occurred during one of the units where children were made aware of “Who we are” and focused on role models and leaders. Following letter shared by Aahvana’s mother with pictures and videos is a token of appreciation and is a proud moment for all of us.
Hello Ma’am,

This is a note to thank you!

My husband and I stay pretty busy with our work and if I have to be honest to myself, I don’t think we can take credit for the little things Aahvana does that reflect compassion for the underprivileged!

I’d like to share 3 pictures with you and a video in the next mail:

1) Aahvana gives enough love and affection to all the house help and actually dressed up like her didi. We did not help her and she actually shared this image with me on whatsapp while I was out . No job is small and we didn’t teach her that 🙂

2) On Christmas , I was amazed when Aahvana said that she wanted nothing from Santa because Christmas is about giving not getting. Attaching a picture where she is standing with all our helpers. She had a little party for them and got them the sweetest gifts. She cooked Maggi herself. I’m attaching a video in the next mail.

Ma’am, there is so much more to thank you for! It is true that very time my husband and I come for the PTM, we tell you these stories and leave the class feeling what a great decision it has been to send our daughter to Pathways!

Thank you for making it easy for a working mom! Education and a well rounded personality is important to me and values are most important to my husband and my family – we found both in Pathways!

We hope to keep getting surprised!
Priyanka Kapuria



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Winner of NDTV Excellence Award for English teaching

We are proud to announce the NDTV Award winner for Excellence in English teaching goes to Aarti Khurana from Pathways School Noida. Aarti was declared the North Zone winner from among 1600 applicants. Aarti has been with Pathways since 2011 and teaches DP & MYP English.

We now await the results of the National winner in end February.



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Pathways Noida celebrates a Day of Sharing

Every year Pathways School, Noida has a ’day of sharing’. ‘What is it’?’ you may ask. Having seen it in action, one can only say it’s a day when opportunities – for a moment to be in the limelight, to unleash talents kept otherwise in check – is given to the support staff of the school. Usually quiet, supportive but in the background, this is their day. Young stylish women unrecognizable in their finery, danced, men sang full-throated folk songs while others were egged on with gusto by the smallest, liveliest four-year olds as they launched into bhangra. Not to be outdone one showed us his impressive Michael Jackson breakdance moves.img_3893



The event was followed by a langar of alu/puri, chole, gulab jamun and much more. It was the senior students who had the job of serving – in humility and recognition of the support’s staff’s hard work – the ‘bhaiyas’ and ‘didis as they sat in the way they are most comfortable eating, on the floor. We followed suit, some more dexterous than others. Meticulously organized by the Administrative staff the entire event was great fun.


This one-day when privilege is momentarily turned on its head, when tentative, shy support staff are encouraged to come into their own, is a reminder that while the doors to advantage may not open equally for all, our ability to respect and encourage every day those that surround us is a choice we can make.

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Project Muskaan By Pathways Aravali

Project Muskaan was launched in September, 2016 in collaboration with the Government of Haryana, the Directorate of Education and FICCI.

Project Muskaan, a project aimed at enhancing the learning environment of Village Government Schools through generous contributions from students of private schools that adopt these government schools.  Its goals are

  • “Mera school, mera sunder school”
  • “Mere khilone hamare khilone”
  • “Meri pusthak sabki pusthak”

As part of this project enthusiastic students of Pathways World School, Aravali, went to Government Middle School, Baas and Government Middle School Aklimpur several times to make murals on the walls of the schools to beautify and to describe the different concepts of learning.

Through the Math fest games organised by students of Pathways World School, Aravali they have arranged cupboards, books and toys for the above-mentioned schools.

In the month of February 2017, the students will be working for two other Government Village Schools.


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Project Pehel to educate support staff at Pathways Gurgaon

The latest session of Project Pehel was born of the need to educate our support staff at pathways Gurgaon on how to cope with the recent monetary situation in the country.

‘The most important attitude that can be found is the desire to go on learning.’ This attitude espoused by philosopher and education reformer John Dewey, is most evident in the adult learners of Project Pehel. We had the fifth lesson under this special project on the morning of 12 November ‘16, and the spirit of learning shown by the support staff to continue developing their IT and English skills, was as high as ever!


A very important part of this particular session, was the discussion on the recent demonetization in the country. They were shown a video of the Prime Minister’s speech, briefed about ways to exchange the currencies they had with them and were given suggestions on how to manage their house hold finances. The men were given suggestions on how to manage taxes and related financial factors and were then taught the calculations required for it. Eager learners, they then worked on individual laptops to calculate their own taxes for the year.

The lesson in English for the women was based on colors. They began by drawing and coloring anything they desired – from flowers to extremely detailed scenes and described their art with the prior knowledge of words they had in their repertory. They were then introduced to new colors which they were unaware of and the spellings thereof.

In our next session, the learning will be flipped around, so that our didis who earn a living for themselves, learn how to manage their own earnings.

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Dhokra Art Workshop at Pathways Gurgaon


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Pathways Aravali student tops in Cambridge IGCSE Examinations

picPathways World School, Aravali  student  Lakshay Garg has achieved the highest marks in India in Cambridge IGCSE Design and Technology.

Our star learner Lakshay has done us proud with his immense passion for the subject that requires a very unique skill sets in addition to being creative and innovative. His accomplishment is an outcome of his hard-work, dedication and focus.

The world toppers in India will be recognised for their outstanding academic achievements with an Outstanding Cambridge Learner certificate.

Ruchira Ghosh, Regional Director for South Asia, Cambridge International Examinations said, “It gives us immense pleasure to see learners across India successfully exhibit their passion to succeed. Their outstanding results in the Cambridge Examinations are a proof of the dedication and commitment of their teachers and the constant support from their family and friends that helped them achieve this. We congratulate all these learners on their performance this year and wish them every success in all their future endeavours.

There has been a substantial increase in the popularity of Cambridge qualifications in India and around the world. There are over 370 Cambridge schools in India. There has been a 17 per cent increase in the number of entries for all qualifications in India since 2015, which includes the Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge International AS Level and Cambridge International A Level. The most popular Cambridge IGCSE subjects in India are: First Language English, Mathematics, Hindi as a Second Language, Physics and Chemistry.

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PEHEL by Pathways Gurgaon

The third session of PEHEL saw as much enthusiasm and commitment to the task as the opening day! Bhaiyas and didis shared that they look forward to the Saturdays which have become days of learning for them.

Students willingly gave up a day of the Dussehra break, accompanied by teachers to ensure continuity in the learning process of the support staff. The effort is sure to bear fruit!


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Weaving at Pathways School Gurgaon


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