Noida Police congratulate PSN Student for his Traffic Management solution

Yash Jain a Grade 10 student at Pathways School Noida won praise from the SP Traffic Noida Police for his ingenious traffic management solution using a drone mounted with a video camera and Google maps. Yash produced this solution for his MYP Personal Project.

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Student-Led Blood Donation & Eye Camps

The Interact Club at Pathways School Noida organized a Blood Donation Camp and an Eye Camp, as a part of their community service outreach. The camps were organized in partnership with the Rotary Club of Delhi Monarch. For the blood donation camp which was held on campus,  donors included Pathways parents, staff, faculty members along with members of Rotary Monarch. The process started with students informing and requesting parents, staff, and faculty of the Pathways community to come and donate blood since it was for a great cause.

The Eye Camp was held at our partner village school, Sai Bal Sansar. More than 200 villagers received a complimentary eye checkup and subsequently: 89 eyeglasses and 99 medicines were distributed, and 13 cataract surgeries are being scheduled.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the medical team of Pathways School Noida and the guest medical team from the Rotary Noida Blood Bank and Rotary Eye Care Centre.

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PSN Students lead the way in cleaning the Hauz Khas Lake

Hauz Khas Lake, a water body in the middle of south Delhi has been dying a slow death over the last few years, heavily polluted with organic materials. Delhi Development Authority has been exploring low-cost solutions. One ingenious solution has come from a London Based Environment Engineer Mr. Tarun Nanda who found a low-cost technique of floating wetlands with plants which will work as natural filters for the lake and clean the lake in a sustainable manner.

Pathways School Noida has joined this sustainable drive to clean water bodies of NCR by manufacturing five floating islands at Hauz Khas Lake. Embracing this radical, low-cost solution, the student community has come forward to take up this project of cleaning water bodies. The islands are made of waste materials and jute. During this process of floating the islands, the students interacted with the other visitors to the lake to promote wider awareness of the importance of cleaning up the lake.

The school Director Dr. Shalini Advani said “This project fits in with our educational commitment at Pathways to not only create awareness but to teach children that they can act to make a difference to the environmental challenges our world faces.

The project was initiated in school assembly through an interactive session with Mr. Tarun Nanda where students of Grade 4 to Grade 8 understood the core concept. It was followed by a workshop in school where students constructed the islands. Finally, the students of Primary and secondary school floated these islands on Hauz Khas Lake, after putting the plants on these islands which will slowly take up the pollutants as their nutrients and purify the lake.

The project was coordinated by students studying IB Diploma Environmental Systems along with student council members and was an instant success.

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PSN Golfers shine at JTP Junior Golf Tournament

It gives us great pleasure to inform that our primary and middle school golfer played JUNIOR GOLF TOURNAMENT on 19th January 2018 in NOIDA GOLF COURSE. They performed well along with other good competitors. We secured 2 gold and 1 silver medal. The following are the result details mentioned below:-

S.No Name G Performance
1 Parnika Sharma 3 1st Position
2 Ansh Dubey 3 1st Position
3 Mudit Aggarwal 2 2nd Position
4 Ayaan Dubey 3 Participation
5 Aarav Aggarwal 3 Participation
6 Abir Batra 3 Participation
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Spreading Ideas : The TEDx at Pathways School Noida

As part of its focus on exposing students to new ideas and experiences, Pathways School Noida hosted an exciting TEDx conference with a brilliant lineup of speakers. The overarching theme of Crossing Over wove in speakers from street art, the Neemrana Foundation, youth initiative, photography, design thinking or those working with acid attack victims.

Ishita Choudhary, Founder of the YP Foundation, which develops youth leadership to advance rights of young women, girls and other marginalized youth inspired with her talk on , ‘policy is a platform that unites young people’ and they need to be involved in this for a better future. She ended her powerful oration with a profound statement: “your silence is not your consent and your voice is the most powerful tool you have”.


Artist Chandan Gomes spoke about his belief in the “pursuit of knowledge in which lies the beauty of life”. He also brought out how though we are not all born equal, the “power of imagination” can transcend all cultures. The storyteller Rituparna Ghosh shared how story telling would “be the strongest currency in the world”. It was inspirational to listen to Sandeed Farooq, the co-founder of Flawless Flaws. India’s only organisation for acid attack survivors was started by him at age 17. He discussed how uninformed and insensitive the public is towards acid attack victims, especially so in India, where 1/3rd of the perpetrators are found.

The founder of St+Art, the street art movement in India, Italian artist, Guilia Ambrogi spoke about how “borders cannot confine passion”. She shared the importance of democratizing public spaces through Indian street art, showing images of the Delhi Police Headquarters, Sassoon Dock in Mumbai to demonstrate how public spaces within India were activated to provide temporary, yet meaningful experiences for the people in public spaces in Mumbai and Delhi.

Mike Knowles, Director of the Sushant School of Design spoke about “what robots cannot do” focusing on creativity in an emerging era of the fourth Industrialization revolution. He compared the scenario in China and India, the former produces 300, 000 designers every year to India’s 7,000.

On a different “note” the powerful talk by by Aude Priya Engel, the Managing Trustee of Neemrana Music Foundation focused on “Emotions through Opera” .She spoke about the relevance of “relating to emotions because that’s where creativity comes from” describing the uniqueness of Opera, that can be related to any subject. It enables a catharsis of powerful emotions, overcomes language barriers and an art form wherein, the so called, “ugly and fat” people bring out their “inner beauty”. She talked about the over hundred operas that are set in India and how the Indian people are so quick at grasping things, especially languages. This was followed by a fitting finale wherein an opera singer and a pianist from the Neemrana Foundation performed an aria from Verdi’s opera Don Carlo.

Students of Pathways School showcased their own considerable talent with slam poetry, a rendition of This is Me from The Greatest Showman and an orchestral performance of the Avengers’ theme. The audience left the event, feeling empowered and enriched by a TEDx experience.

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PSN @ Vex IQ Robotics Competition Gurgaon

This competition was a blast to be a part of. I remember working very hard and was very proud to win awards for what we as a team achieved. Before I delve deeper into what we made, let’s understand what the competition was about.

The competition was split into 2 parts: STEM Research Project and Vex IQ Challenge. The Vex IQ Challenge was further divided into 3 parts: Autonomous Round, Driver Control and Team Alliance. In the Autonomous Round, we had to program the robot to do the tasks independently. In the Driver Control round, we had to control our robot with a controller and score points by doing the tasks. The Team Alliance round made us partner with another team and the points we scored were added to the points they scored, and then both teams won the points.


The Vex IQ Challenge was to make a robot that could do a series of tasks to score points. There were limitations as we were only allowed to use the Vex IQ Kit. Krish worked on that and Madhav helped.

The STEM Research Project’s theme was to use robotics to help people such as the disabled, military, elderly and to perform rescue missions. We decided to make a new iteration of the Blind Man’s Stick. Our final project worked like this: if there is an obstacle within 8 inches of the stick, the stick will make a sound.

After Arushi and I had made the final prototype, we worked on the presentation for our STEM Research Project which was aboard. I wrote a lot of the material and Arushi made it look very professional and contributed to the material.

Next, we had to make a process journal on the whole journey to the competition. Krish, Arushi and I worked on that, too. We also ended up printing t-shirts that I designed.

At the competition, we were delighted to meet other people with similar mindsets about robotics and enjoyed the events. For the autonomous round though, I had to program in 20 minutes as we did not have the Vex IQ Mat. Despite that, we still got 2 points.

In total, we got 18 points and won 3 trophies: Participation, Best STEM Research Project and Best Design. I loved the thrill of seeing something that I worked so hard on, sacrificed my lunches and PE lessons for, to win an astonishing number of trophies.

Overall, I loved this competition a lot and would love to go again next year. This was a tremendous experience.

Vikramaditya sigh 8B

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Youngest selected player in All India Baseball Talent Hunt

Paarth Kohli, a student of Pathways School Noida is India’s most promising prospect for baseball. At just 15 years of age, he is the youngest player to be selected for the All India Talent Hunt. The age criteria for the competition was under 17 and 19. He pitches at 75 mph/120kph, which is world class in his age bracket. The young lad is the only 15 year old player to be selected for the national talent hunt.

The Hunt evaluated 20,000 baseball players in India and Paarth, was one of the 100 players who got an offer for the final round of the evaluation. The enthusiastic player has been given an offer by a Pittsburgh Pirates scout to train at MLB’s development center in Germany so that he can be nurtured for a US college ball club like Harvard or MIT. Paarth’s excellent performance in baseball has already put him in the limelight with NDTV and Little India mentioning him in the national and international news.

Paarth Kohli

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Pathways School Noida Swimmers Triumph at Inter School Swimming Competition

Pathways School Noida swimmers secured overall 2nd position by winning 8 Gold, 10 Silver, 9 Bronze in Individual Event and 1 Gold, 5 Silver and 2 Bronze in Relays along with 16 schools from Delhi NCR consisting of state and national level medalist.

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The first and only school chain on Earth with LEED-EB Platinum rating

Pathways group of Schools has become the first and only chain of schools in the world to be conferred with the highest accolade for Environmentally-Responsible Design with the Platinum certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings (LEED-EB) by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). The USGBC is a prestigious non-profit organization that promotes sustainable building design and construction in the world through its leadership of the World Green Building Council. All three Pathways Schools (Aravali, Gurgaon & Noida) have now earned the LEED-EB Platinum rating.


The series of these prestigious achievements started back in 2014 with Pathways School Gurgaon being recognized as the Highest Rated Green Building (Educational) on the planet with its LEED-EB Platinum rating. This was followed by Pathways School Noida receiving the same certification in 2015 and now Pathways World School Aravali in 2016.


At a time when environmental protection is an increasingly pressing issue all over the world, LEED through its green building certification program recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices.


On receiving this certification Director of Pathways group of Schools, Mr Prashant Jain, said, “We at Pathways truly believe in an environmentally friendly world and have hence built all our schools as Green Buildings. Spending most of their active time in school these young children are sensitized to be one with nature. We take pride of being the first and only school chain in the world having all the campuses rated LEED Platinum by United States Green Building Council.”


Among all the educational facilities worldwide who have achieved this top distinction which includes another High School and a small number of Universities, Pathways Schools are the highest rated.
Pathways School Gurgaon

Pathways Gurgaon Certificate

Pathways School Noida copy

Pathways Noida Certificate

Pathways World School Aravali

Pathways Aravali Certificate

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The Youngest Photo Journalist in the World

ThumbnailAt the mere age of 7, Sanvi Bhatia, a Grade 2 student of Pathways School, Noida has become the youngest photo-journalist in the world. She has written about a unique school in Delhi located under the Yamuna bank metro station. Pathways is very proud of her and we wish her all the best for her future projects.


To view her beautiful photo story click on the link below:

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