Top 100 CISO Award 2014

We are delighted to share that our CTO Mr. Satish Papnoi is a proud recipient of The ‘Top 100 CISO Award’.

CISO Platform is an exclusive online community of Information Security Executives worldwide. The ‘Top 100 CISO Award’, an Award which is the first of its kind felicitates the finest CISO’s who are using information security technology in innovative ways to secure their business and mission’s critical information in a most effective manner as well as are delivering business values by creating competitive advantage, optimizing business processes, enabling growth and improving relationships with customers.

CISO platform recognizes the contribution of the Top information security executers of the world. Every year the most talented and finest CISOs get awarded in a gala Ceremony. This year the Ceremony was held from 4th to 6th April at Radisson Blue Agra, India. Mr. Papnoi was invited, along with his spouse, to receive this prestigious and most well deserved Award.

Congratulations Mr Papnoi!



Award photo

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Printmaking workshop exhibition

We are all very excited about our Printmaking workshop exhibition and look forward to having you with us on Thursday 3rd April at 5:00 p.m.  

Collecting fine artwork by well-known artists can be a rewarding pursuit for the dedicated collectors, but today works of art  of eminent artists like ANJOLIE ELA MENON, GOGI SAROJ PAL, VED NAYAR are sold at levels which are beyond the reach of all but a few. The Annual Printmaking Workshop cum Exhibition brings owning a work of well-known artists within reach.


A portfolio of 25 etchings (art work) of both eminent and emerging artists will be on sale at the Preview Evening on Thursday 3rd April at 5:00 p.m.  at Epicentre, Gurgaon to raise funds for art talent in neighbouring villages.



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Pathways School Gurgaon celebrated its First Founder’s Day with an Exclusive exhibition and some breathtaking performances

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Pathways, Gurgaon celebrated its first Founders Day on November 26, 2011 with an original production of the Old Turtle.  Many times in our lives we come upon a film, a book or a performance that changes our world view forever. Old Turtle is such a story, written by Douglas Wood and illustrated with exquisitely sensitive water colours by Cheng-Khee Chee.  The book was brought to Pathways by our librarian, Bandana Sen and quickly became a favourite amongst students and teachers. It was not long before this timeless tale of wisdom and hope captured our imagination and became the source and inspiration of our first Founders Day production.

This new production included every student of Pathways Gurgaon from the tiniest toddler in Daycare to the tallest of our Grade 12’s. Involving each and every student in a befitting manner posed a great challenge to the creative team but as the days progressed all were drawn in by the urgency of the message in this simple story and all felt the need to contribute to its telling.

What is that message and who is Old Turtle?  There comes a time in the journey of every civilization to pause, reflect and consider whether it is moving in the right direction, or whether the collective needs to scrutinize its choices.  The story of the Old Turtle is an allegory for that moment of pause.  His ancient voice, older than the earth itself, echoes in our hearts and serves as a gentle reminder that this is our moment to pause and reflect on our journey as a people.  Are we headed for destruction with our greed, intolerance and hunger for power… or will we find a way to survive?

In simple clear language Old Turtle tells us that we have forgotten our true selves; that beneath the surface of apparent differences we are all one; part of a single divine creation, from every rock and tree to the far distant stars.  How marvelous then, that this echoes the vision of Pathways ‘to build and nurture a community of thinking, compassionate world citizens’.  The Old Turtle tells us that the tiny ants and the mighty mountain; the soft breeze and the roaring lion are all equal in this citizenship.

We were indeed honoured and fortunate to have the blessings and wisdom of another voice on this joyous occasion, our chief guest, Padma Vibhushan Shree Soli Sorabjee, former Attorney General of India.  He began the evening by imploring our youth to actively take up the responsibilities of citizenship by developing compassion and tolerance, little knowing that this message would soon be illustrated by the entire student body through the production itself.

The children of Primary School stole our hearts with their ingenuous portrayal of the glory of nature.  The Middle and Senior School worked together to produce scenes of thought provoking horror holding up a mirror to our darkest natures. But in the end, it was the innocence of the little children, our true future, which brought us through the darkness to a new vision of tomorrow. The glorious hour long dance and drama production was a visual delight with costumes, stage properties and stage design all created in-house by the diversely talented faculty of Pathways Gurgaon.  Every staff member including faculty, administration and support staff was caught up in the whirlwind of creativity and demonstrated what a team can achieve when each person takes ownership of a project.  There is no doubt that each one of us felt personal  pride in the success of this important event.  And in my heart there is no doubt that we have all been transformed by this process.  Old Turtle did not only give us a message. The entire process of creation and the final production itself was a practical guide on how to survive together and create beauty together:  a beautiful play, a beautiful school and a wonderful world.  As the song said:

I see birds of many colours, and skies of blue

Lush fields of green, and farmers too

And I think to myself,

What a wonderful world.

I see the Aravali hills, from my classroom window,

Crisscrossing pathways, amidst green and yellow

And I think to myself,

What a wonderful world.

The colours of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky

Are also on the faces of people going by

I see friends shaking hands, saying “How do you do?”

They’re really saying, “I love you.”

I hear babies in Daycare, I watch them grow

They’ll learn much more, than I’ll ever know

And I think to myself

What a wonderful world.

Congratulations Pathways Gurgaon!! We are one!

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Ides of March|Pathways Gurgaon

Lately, there is an upheaval and so much turmoil and unrest in many parts of the world.  Even the nature has wrath its fury and the recent Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan has caused the unprecedented destruction. When bad things happen it becomes imperative for the humanity to bring about a CHANGE. We can see that change occurring in tiny little steps that mankind takes to make life better. One such step in that direction was taken by the Pathwazians of Pathways Gurgaon , on the Ides of March when they bid their peers not to “Beware the Ides of March”, a saying, made famous the slaying of Julius Caesar by antiquity’s best known turncoat Senator Brutus. By enacting the powerful speeches of the two celebrated orators – Brutus and Antony, along with a journey into the Roman world an attempt was made to leave the audience with a thought that paradise starts with the love we show each other here on earth.

Article By: Megha Oberoi
Senior English Teacher

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Kindergarten Assembly Celebrated at Pathways Gurgaon

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Sing, Dance, and Celebrate!

Our life is surrounded with many celebrations and traditions. Many of us don’t know why many of the events are celebrated, but we keep doing the same year after year.

The Kindergarten assembly, on Saturday February 5th was based on the Unit of Inquiry “Let’s Celebrate!” The students have been learning about how people recognize important events through celebrations. To begin the process, each student chose a celebration and inquired about the same. They began research by interviewing adults and asking questions like what, when, why and how about their chosen celebration.  They depicted scenes of each celebration through songs, dances and theatre. Through this performance students were able to understand the similarities and the differences about different celebrations around the world.

The multicultural performances presented before the audience instilled the importance of togetherness in celebrations.

Article By: Ridhi Uppal
Kindergarten Form Tutor
Pathways Gurgaon

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Bird Watching at Pathways Gurgaon

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Saturday 22nd January, 2011, 9 am. It was cold and misty and the air had a magical quality as an eager group of students and teachers, lead by Ms Barkha Bhambhani and Mr Rajiv Sharma, set out for a bird watching trek. This was the second trek organised in this academic year. The students came armed with paper, pencils, binoculars, cameras, and one child even had Salim Ali’s book, ‘Birds of the Indian Subcontinent’.

We started off by first identifying a Common Myna that had decided to perch on the electrical wires running along the boundary walls of the school and the Blue Rock Pigeon sitting in an alcove built into the school building wall. We traversed across muddy paths and grassy fields to an isolated area where the students settled down to quietly spot and identify more species of birds.

Students encountered a Red Wattled Lapwing sitting and posing for us.  They also spotted the Rufous Backed Shrike, some beautiful Rose Ringed Parakeets perched on the electric wire and some Small Wagtails, Indian Robin, Bush Chat and Little Brown Doves. Background music was provided by the king of birds, the Peacock, who made us aware of its presence but did not show up.

Article By: Dimpu Sharma
Principal, Middle School
Pathways Gurgaon

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Grade 5 Students of Pathways Gurgaon visit the Parliament House

The excitement was palpable, the curiosity overflowing and the questions endless. This was the group I took to the Parliament.

After a month of letters, emails and faxes, we finally reached the Parliament Library building on morning of 20th January. I wondered if there could have been a better way to culminate the unit on Governments than to visit the temple of democracy itself! I wondered if our fist study tour could have been any more grand or majestic. My students, to the contrary, just wondered if they’ll get to meet the president!

But as the tour started, after ample frisking and checking at every entry point, the serenity of this stately institute swept us all over. The students absorbed history with every breath, and learnt about their unit with every step. We were taken to the chambers of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha right after an introduction by Mr. Satinder, an official at the parliament. As we entered the circular building, the first thing we noticed, beyond the repeated security gates, was the beauty of the place.

The Lok Sabha is adorned with a green carpet – to signify grass root politicians – we were told. We looked down from the visitor’s gallery, and saw the place where India is run from. Students observed the smallest details- and had a hundred questions ranging from the emblems of the princely states to the seating arrangements. Rajya Sabha is decorated with a red carpet to denote royalty, and was under repair when we reached the visitor’s gallery.

But the truly awe-inspiring moment was yet to come. We were taken, soon after, to the Central Hall of the Parliament. The Podium, from where Pt. Nehru declared India free, is a place where you cannot stand without getting inspired. The different portraits that adorn the walls of the Central Hall seem to convey a message of integrity that just cannot be ignored. This was our tryst with history.

Parliament Museum was our next stop. This recent addition to the Parliament engrosses you completely through various audio-visual exhibits. The students were mesmerised when they ‘walked’ the Dandi March with Gandhiji and when they became a part of the historical gathering on the midnight of 14th august 1947 hailing the Indian Independence. In so many places, and in so many different ways, they kept making connections to all that they have learned in the classroom.

The students were satisfied too… While we didn’t get to meet the president, we at least we got pizzas from the parliament canteen for lunch!!

Article By: Garima Gupta
Form tutor, Grade 5
Pathways Gurgaon

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IB INFO SESSIONS at Pathways Schools

IB is the abbreviation for International Baccalaureate. Schools recognised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation and offering the IB curriculum are known as IB World Schools.

Pathways is conducting IB Info  Sessions at all the 3 schools.  Given below is the schedule.

  1. Pathways Aravali -IB INFO SESSION- 14th Feb
  2. Pathways Gurgaon- IB INFO SESSION- 19th Feb
  3. Pathways Noida- IB INFO SESSION- 12th Feb
  4. IB INFO SESSION- 25th Feb

These workshops will be familiarization workshops on IB- the curriculum that our schools follow. Here we will have experts from the school talking about the benefits of IB as a curriculum, breaking all the myths around IB.

To Register for Pathways Aravali IB info Session visit:

To Register for Pathways Noida IB info Session visit:

To Register for Pathways Gurgaon IB info Session visit:

Dont miss it!! For more details about the schools visit

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Pathways – The Year That Was!

The celebrations for Christmas were barely over and the world is now excited about the advent of yet another new year. This is a time to reflect back on the year gone by, be proud of our achievements, learn from the challenges faced, and above all, move into 2011 with a new sense of purpose.

For us here at Pathways, it was a historic year with the launch of two new Pathways schools. There were lots of challenges, emerging opportunities, long hours of collective hard work, and a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm to flow in a new direction. Both new schools began classes on 20 October 2010. Congratulations to both the schools and a wonderful journey ahead.

This year was also eventful for our flagship school which has come a long way since its birth n 2003. In this short time period, six batches of students have already graduated from the school and made us proud by enrolling in various reputed universities around the globe. The school organized and participated in several programs this year like Pathways Rediscovering Minds, Udeesha, founders weekend, and is currently looking forward to the first ever Pathways production in New Delhi set to be held in March.

In addition to being consistently ranked among the top ten international schools in the country for the last few years; this year, Pathways World School was also ranked as the best International school in the region by two surveys conducted back to back by Hindustan Times and Education World. Congratulations to the entire team and our best wishes to scale even higher peaks in times to come.

The New Year will see many more achievements, joys and successes. But for Pathways, what matters the most is the love and support of our parents and students; the hard work and dedication of our teachers to make every event a success and bring out the best in our students; and to raise the bar each time.

On behalf of the entire Pathways team, we wish you all a very Happy and Joyous New Year…

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Human Rights Assembly held at Pathways Gurgaon

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The students of grade V conducted a special assembly to commemorate the UN Human Rights Day. This was done in keeping with their current unit of inquiry on Governments and Human Rights. They presented a dance drama, a video and a song to the school. Our class put up a thought provoking show bringing awareness about Human Rights, which was appreciated by teachers and students alike. This presentation highlighted their study of the Human Rights and Social Justice.

By: Garima Gupta
Form Tutor
Grade V

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