Pro Am Gymnastics Tournament at LNIPE Gwalior

PRO-AM Gymnastics level wise league tournament was organised at LNIPE Gwalior from 27th to 30th March, 2018. 400 participants from 13 States participated in this league. The Event was inaugurated by the first founder of Rhythmic Gymnastics in India Ms. Neetu Bala, Arjun Awardee, Ms. Krupali Patel Rhythmic Gymnast, CEO of Gymnastics, Mr. Surender Sharma.

11 participants (boys & girls) from the Primary School of Pathways World School Aravali participated and were extremely successful in their performances and in their individual events.

Mahi Singh of Grade 3 secured First on the Floor Exercises, Balancing beam and on Uneven-Bars, Second on Vaulting table and she also became All- Rounder second in her level – 3

Koharu Mishima of grade 4 got second position on the floor exercises. Ms. Jayati Anand secured third position on Uneven Bars.

The School is extremely proud of the children.



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7th Invitational Inter-School Cricket Tournament 2018

7th Invitational Inter-School Cricket Tournament 2018 was held from 13th April to 16th April 2018. Mr. Abhishek Nair (Indian Cricketer and IPL Player) was the Chief Guest of the Opening Ceremony.

Six teams participated in this tournament

  • Jaishree Periwal, Jaipur
  • Maharaja Sawai Bhavani Singh, School, Jaipur
  • Genesis Global School, Noida
  • Shalom Hills, Gurgaon
  • Pathways World School A
  • Pathways World School B

The Match was won by Pathways World School.

Man, of the series- Punya Mehra (PWS A)
Man, of the match of the final match – Punya Mehra (PWS A)
Best batsman of the tournament- Angkrish Raghuvanshi (PWS A)
Best Fielder of the tournament- Divyansh Arora (Genesis Global School)
Best wicket-keeper of the tournament- Rajveer Soni (Genesis Global School)
Most Promising Player- Vineet Raj (Genesis Global School)


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Time to big adieu to Grade 12

It was the beginning of the week-long farewell. The students of Grade 12 geared themselves up for the festivities of the week that would finally see them off on their next adventures.

Tuesday, the 3rd of April marked Gratitude Day, a day dedicated to those teachers, mentors and people in the students’ lives who had contributed to their achievements. The day solely ran on student-initiative.

The lunch was held in Sunderbans, which was festooned with balloons and banners. The teachers, as guests, were welcomed with a rose and a smile. The soft music set the tone for the afternoon as nostalgic and affectionate. The floor was open to all for loving speeches, wistful anecdotes and heart-felt tributes. A cake was cut in the day’s celebration, as well as for the birthday of a Maths teacher, Mr. Sanidhya. There was much hustle and bustle as students and teachers alike clamoured to get their photographs clicked together, at the Clicking Club stall.

The event spoke of remembrances, those between students and teachers that would stay with them both throughout their lives.

Wednesday, the 4th of April was Scribble Day – when the students of Grade 12 penned parting messages onto each other’s school t-shirts. The senior school building swarmed with students clamoring for markers to write notes of thanks and affection. The day ended with a artfully organised, aerial photograph of the Pathways Panthers 2018.


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Pathwaysian invited as Guest Speaker at Excelsior American School

On 10th April 2018, Manmohini Tiwari a Student of Grade 7 from Pathways World School, was invited by the Excelsior American School, Gurugram to share her experience as a budding author and share some insights on the topic ‘How to hone writing skills?’ Manmohini has recently authored a book ‘Tween Tales’. The audience included students of Grades 6 to 8. It was an interactive 30-minute talk followed by a Q&A session with students and teachers. The students were eager and asked several questions about her journey and how they could improve their writing skills. Manmohini also gave tips on how to write better and shared her own writing process.

Manmohini stressed on the importance of reading and shared her insights on the craft of writing. She also shared some tips regarding the process of publishing. She concluded by reading a short excerpt from her book, #TweenTales.

The students in the audience were motivated and inspired by the talk, and were further encouraged to enhance their writing skills and inculcate a strong reading habit.


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Pathways presents Pathways Panthers – the brand mascot for Pathways Group of Schools

Pathways Panther

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Pathways Alumni – An emotional reunion

Commemorating the completion of 15 years, Pathways organized its first Staff Alumni meet – Reunion of all the ex- Pathwaysians on March 18, 2018.

It turned out to become a rendezvous of a melting pot with over hundred members turning up to revive and recreate their nostalgic moments with Pathways.

All of them were warmly welcomed by the beloved Chairman Shri Pramod Jain, who had come especially to meet and greet each of them; joined by all the Corporate and School Directors and the leadership team.

The initiative was highly appreciated, with members suggesting that this should become an annual event like some ‘Tryst with Pathways Fraternity’.

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Student-Led Blood Donation & Eye Camps

The Interact Club at Pathways School Noida organized a Blood Donation Camp and an Eye Camp, as a part of their community service outreach. The camps were organized in partnership with the Rotary Club of Delhi Monarch. For the blood donation camp which was held on campus,  donors included Pathways parents, staff, faculty members along with members of Rotary Monarch. The process started with students informing and requesting parents, staff, and faculty of the Pathways community to come and donate blood since it was for a great cause.

The Eye Camp was held at our partner village school, Sai Bal Sansar. More than 200 villagers received a complimentary eye checkup and subsequently: 89 eyeglasses and 99 medicines were distributed, and 13 cataract surgeries are being scheduled.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the medical team of Pathways School Noida and the guest medical team from the Rotary Noida Blood Bank and Rotary Eye Care Centre.

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PWS students’ film selected for screening at CMS International Children’s Film Festival

A short fiction film directed by the IB Diploma Program Film students of Pathways World School Aravali has been selected to be screened at the 10th CMS International Children’s Film Festival under Indian Panorama Section. The film festival is being held in Lucknow from 5th April to 13th April.

The film “The Reverie” is a motivational fiction film with an intention to encourage people to follow their dreams. The film was shot only in three hours and was completed in a day. The film has already won the Best Feature Film Award in Incognito 2017.

The directors of the film are Delisha Mehta and Ashutosh Goel. Actors and crew are Samira Key Si, Ishika Bansal, Yash Karwa and Delisha Mehta. Edited by Sankalp Varshney, DOP and Mentored by Rishika Namdev, Faculty- IBDP Film and Middle Year Programme Drama.

Watch The Reverie

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Senior Prom Night 2018

“Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory”

On the afternoon of 5th April 2018, the 11th Graders of Pathways World School Aravali hosted a Prom Night to give the outgoing IBDP Batch an evening full of moments that would be cherished for years to come. All the students were impressively clad in their formal attires. The venue was elaborately decorated with lights, balloons, a dance floor accompanied by a DJ, and of course a delicious feast. The outgoing Batch were given titles and tokens as an appreciation and to serve as a memory. The Senior Prom Night 2018 King and Queen were declared amidst excitement and anticipation. The announcement followed cutting of a 5-tier cake. The students will surely remember the evening with a lot of fondness and emotions.

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Ex Pathwaysian authors a fictional book on the parallel universe

Simmy Kors (real name: Simran Uppal), is a former student of Pathways World School, Aravali.  She left the School when she was in Grade 6 since the family had to move to Dubai.  At the mere age of 17, Simmy, a Grade 11 Student has become a debut author of “The Zenas Cure”.  On 22nd March she released her debut novel at the hands of Patricia Sethi Pereira, an international journalist and in the presence of Prasad Pankar, in Panjim.  The novel has already been sold out twice.

Simmy Kors has been traveling around India for the publicity of her novel, giving interviews, a guest speaker at various events, literary festival etc.

In her book, Simmy has created the realm of Kedar, a universe parallel to our own, that exists on the other side of the mirror. In Kedar, every individual is born with milk-white eyes, with no irises. At the age of five, they develop an iris colour based on their leading attributes, which, in turn, determines a lot of things. Offering a synopsis of the book, Simmy explains, “Beware of Kedar! The parallel universe that exists on the other side of the mirror, a world where people are divided by the colour of their eyes and the powers that come with it.

On Monday, 2nd of April, Simmy visited the School to address a select group of students of Grades 7, 8, 9 and 11.  In a 45 minutes session held in the School Auditorium,

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Simmy shared her inspiring thoughts with the students and the vast amount of hard work, focus, and dedication that goes into a book writing. By sharing her experience about writing Simmy inspired the Students about the power and potential of their own writing.

During her conversation with the staff of Pathways World School, Simmy fondly remembered her days at the School. She said that some of her best memories are from Pathways World School. She was extremely delighted to be back in the School to address the Students, some of whom had been her classmates 5 years back.  She spent some time interacting with the students, her alma mater and the staff.

She presented a copy of her debut novel to the School Director, Dr. Sarvesh Naidu and one copy to the School Library.

The School is extremely proud of Simran Uppal and wishes her all the best for the future.

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