Pathways receives Dataquest Business Technology Award

We take a great pride in announcing that Pathways group of Schools has been honoured with Dataquest Business Technology Award. The honour was earned in the category of Cloud Campus implementation at Pathways. A total of 70 companies won awards on the gala evening across six categories including analytics, security, mobility, cloud, and unified communications amongst others. Mr Satish Papnoi, CTO Pathways School received the honour on behalf of the whole group at an event function held in Mumbai earlier this month.


The award recognises the organizations for their distinguished contribution in creating business value through innovative use of IT. In its third year, the award ceremony saw the presence of eminent CIOs and prominent names in the IT industry. The Dataquest Business Technology Awards, instituted by Dataquest, India’s premier IT Magazine, also recognises the excellence in the implementation and use of technology for business benefits by Indian companies.


Implementing the Cloud campus at Pathways allowed students, teachers and staff with enterprise- grade communication and productivity service. It enabled them to use applications without installing them on their laptop and enabling access to save files from any computer with an Internet connection.


The Schools have deployed Microsoft Cloud campus an offering from Microsoft, to make users more productive across a variety of device types. Cloud campus has been a technological innovation that reduced IT costs for the schools. It also eliminated many of the time related constraints for administrative staff, teachers and students by making learning tools accessible for a larger audience.


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Food drive at Pathways School Noida

Food Drive at Pathways School Noida

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CAS trip to Auroville

Majda Jabeen Fatima, Grade 12 Student at Pathways Noida shares her interesting journey of teaching as well as learning during her CAS activity program.

I have very fond memories of my amazing trip to Auroville. It was indeed a lifetime experience with great learnings. The most interesting aspect of the trip was the excellent cross-cultural interaction with the local rural peers as well as with the Turkish co-participants. Both the cultures were equally new to me.


It has always been my passion to teach young school kids and the 12-hours of teaching at the school in the village Edayanchavdhi, in Auroville, was very interesting. The language barrier never bothered me. I was surprised to see the discipline, enthusiasm to learn and some great talents in these young children. I found the aspirations of these children no different from the children of Sai Bal Sansar School in Noida, whom I teach during my CAS service lessons.


Some of the other highlights of the trip were the full moon walk in the forest. It was a very different experience with a mix of fear and quest for exploring something new. The forest was exceptionally quite, which according to our guide was not normal. The musical therapy was again a first time experience and was very relaxing and refreshing. It was also good to learn about the cross-cultural experiments that are being conducted in Auroville. Lastly, I managed to make some very good cross-border friends from Turkey with lot of exchanges about the Turkish culture.


The arrangements of logistics by MindVisa was very good. There was never any lack of coordination and the hotel and food arrangements were great. The variation in the cuisines was also in line with the overall cross-cultural experiences during the trip.


Overall, I would rate my trip experience as an outstanding one with great cross-cultural learning and renewed feeling of responsibility towards the underprivileged and the community as a whole.

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Soccer & Squash Inter-School Tournament @ Pathways Noida

Banner for Soccer & Squash

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Teachers who love teaching, Teach!


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Teachers not only impart knowledge and enlighten but also help in shaping the career of students. India celebrated its National Teachers Day on September 5th.  Ms Bhagirathy Jhingran, Teacher at Pathways World School, Aravali  shares her views on ‘teaching’ and ‘teacher’ in this twenty first century where technology has over powered our lives. 

profile.jpgIn a fast moving world, where technology gets obsolete, by the time one understands it, the chances of a species called ‘teachers’ getting endangered are larger than ever before.

A teacher, who was conventionally   meant to be the repository of knowledge, the ultimate confidante, the sounding board, the counsellor and an omnipresent guide, is   now slowly feeling the warmth,  of this extinction. However, resilience is one quality of this creature, which will ensure that this species takes on the future with a new vigour and vitality, for generations to come.

 A teacher is perhaps the bridge between your protected life in your community   and   one’s initiation into the real world.  A teacher takes on the role of a shock absorber, is a reservoir of advice, a story-teller of a wide range of experiences, a never-say-die supporter,   the expert of the subject area and the always-by-your-side cheerleader. It is this role, which can never be replaced, even by consultants, distance education packages, the best on-line educational services, customised portals and e-assessments, as is being envisaged by the education system at large. We still need the human touch, the shoulder to cry on,   the patient listener who listens to our woes, our endless queries, our dilemmas. And that is the role of a teacher who goes on as an unsung hero, with tremendous   physical, emotional and intellectual pressures to be able to match up with the energy of the students. The much deserved annual  vacation perhaps,  is the only time for the teacher to recharge and realign his/her mental and physical energies in order to get ready for ‘yet another power packed academic year’, the dividends of which are more emotional than financial at the end of the day.

Being a school teacher is a rather powerful job,   as we tirelessly wield control over deteriorating attention spans, cope with new equations in relationships where we are no more revered by blind adulation but win over students who treat us as equals even as they give us warm regards and acknowledgement which are enough to sustain the soul of a real teacher.  We strive to   invent new and innovative ways and means to connect with a generation which is getting as   ‘selfish’   as it can get.  We command respect without cracking the whip or controlling minds as we strive to give direction to thought, energy and passion in the students with a singular hope that someday, these students will turn around and make a difference to the world that they live in.  We teach and learn with our students each day,   about changing social orders in the society even as we ensure that there aptitude test scores are perfect. We take them on a treacherous   journey which accepts and celebrates the ‘Individual’ who learns to seamlessly blend into the human-scape of ‘Society’ while guiding   them to overcome   differences of society, geography & economics.  And this journey is truly, worth its while, as each living teacher   on this planet will vouch for.

And the day, the students,   do give back to society or take their   classroom lessons rather seriously and apply them to problem-solving in the real world, much water would have flown under the bridge, and an aging teacher will chuckle in some part of the world, reading about her student in the newspaper who has created another   pathway to progress for humanity.

And that’s the way, we would like to be remembered and celebrated by the world year after year. It would be greatly appreciated if the nation recognises the power of the teacher in nation building and creating ‘social capital’ which is as important if not more  than our trade, infrastructure, political and physical environment.


Teaching & Learning in India, since 1994



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Pathways Gurgaon wins Art competition at Resonance 2015


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