Friendly match with Salam Balak Trust

The 6th graders of Pathways School Noida had a friendly football match with the football team of Salaam Baalak trust. The match was organized by Community service club of Pathways. The children from both the sides played extremely well with all skills in place and accurate passes and learnt a lot of new things.  The team of Baalak Trust won the match by 3-0.


4It was a nice sharing and learning experience for the children of Salaam Balak trust as these children lack the proper full sports facilities for learning.

The children of Pathways showed sportsmanship by congratulating the winning team and also clicked pictures with them. Students felt that it was a great experience and they are looking forward to another match.


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Congratulations Pranay Jain for winning accolades

Proud to share that Valedictorian of our first graduating class at Pathways School Gurgaon, Pranay is featured on the homepage of his University website (Stern School of Business – New York University)…check him out at (Go to full site).

On 05 May ’15 Pranay was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma – an international honor society for business students. Beta Gamma Sigma is the first American national honor society in business; the society celebrated its centennial in 2013.

Lifetime membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest honor that a business student anywhere in the world at an accredited school can achieve, and is the equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa in the humanities,” said Rohit S. Deo, Stern’s Vice Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Strategic Planning.

Pranay has been on the Dean’s List for all the 6 semesters he has been at Stern and has been clogging GPA’s nearing 4!!


This is the picture of the International Studies Program Championship Pranay won along with his team where they did the strategy presentation on a Chilean company:


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Pathways Aravali inaugurates Computer Lab at Govt School in Raiseena


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Heartiest congratulation Aditi Amritesh

Aditi Amritesh, Grade 5 student at Pathways School Noida has been declared a winner in the scholastic story writing competition for which she had submitted her entry in January this year. It was a National level competition and other winners are from Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh and Pune. Aditi is the second runners up. More details are on their website.


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Technology in Teaching and Learning at Pathways Schools

Mr satish PapnoiOne of the key drivers in the paradigm shift in education over the past few years has been the role of ‘Technology’. In the article below, Mr Satish Papnoi, CTO, Pathways Schools shares his views on the constantly changing education environment and the use of Technology in Teaching and Learning at Pathways


Technology in Teaching and Learning at Pathways Schools

Today, technology is a defining force in our lives.

Time has gone for traditional ‘chalk and talk’ when students used only pen, pencil and notebooks in the classrooms. In this digital age, projectors, laptops, tablets, smart phones and e-books have complemented traditional learning tools, hence classrooms have become interesting, interactive and almost paperless. Technology is no more a separate subject instead simply a tool to aid education and learning.

The classrooms are student-centered and teachers are coaches and guides. ‘Flipped Classroom or Reversed Teaching’ is a trend now days, which is a result of technology advancement. Today, teaching is no longer limited to the physical classroom. Students also learn online, in the form of audio, video and textual information. As a result, classrooms are becoming discussion forums to make learning more interactive. Technology facilitates teachers and students to collaborate, create communities and exchange ideas outside the classroom.

We are living in a digital age and technology has resulted in a 360 degree transformation in classroom teaching and learning. Students tend to learn visually and socially and expect to try things rather than hear about them. Technology has a significant impact on students’ cognitive functions.

Technology is a great learning tool if it is used in constructive ways for the right reasons and vision. But, at the same time one should also decide the appropriate use of technology. Internet has become a first hand information resource these days; children take online resources for granted to access various communities. They are conditioned to ‘click first and think later’, which can often jeopardize their personal statements in the present and future. Like any space the digital world also has its dangers. Online safety, online behavior, online etiquette or Netiquette, are some terms that define digital citizenship. Basically a good digital citizen must have the same social etiquette as he is expected to display in his personal everyday social interaction. A good global citizen is a good net citizen.
We at Pathways Schools provide ‘Anytime – Anywhere’ technology access to students. All our campuses are Wi-Fi enabled since inception. Students use i-Pads and laptops inside and outside the classrooms. High-resolution projectors are fitted in our classrooms to encourage audio-visual learning. Students make good use of the library, online encyclopedia and e-books Anytime – Anywhere. Students are given individual IDs to access email, internal learning resources and online content through an Internet web filtered server. Our Internet server has the capability of controlling and logging the activity of Internet traffic to ensure that right content is getting delivered to students, thus ensuring information access on need to know basis. Students and teachers are facilitated to collaborate and exchange online resources on real time basis. We have motivated faculty members who keep upgrading their methods of instruction and interaction. In our Schools, technology has its place in every curricular subject. Students from Grade 6 onward carry laptops while primary school students are enabled to use technology responsibly, with Laptop Labs, iPad Labs and mobile carts. Our school buses and vehicles are fitted with GPS systems to track and know the exact position of our fleet to ensure student safety while travelling.
Parents of students are empowered to access life cycle records of their children through our online Campus Management Server. They can also monitor the child’s current schedule and track their ongoing progress. In each school we have IT Helpdesk to facilitate day-to-day technical support to students, faculty and staff to deliver smooth and seamless learning.

Satish Papnoi

Chief Technology Officer

Pathways Group of Schools

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A Paradigm Shift – The Changing Face of Education

Capt. Rohit Sen Bajaj, School Director, Pathways School Gurgaon_new

Capt Rohit Sen Bajaj, School Director at Pathways School Gurgaon talks about the paradigm shift for the 21st century education.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”- Malcolm X

While education and the educational system has evolved over the years, the basic premise that education is about transferring skill sets and knowledge to generations to follow remains the same. With the introduction of technology especially so, education is now greatly revolutionised and has paved the way for new modes of learning. The K12 concept of education is different from the conventional teaching method and involves a greater student- teacher communication. This interaction coupled with question-answers, assignments and individual and specific attention are key features. Typical classroom activity involves adding personal views and ideas, empowering students to develop learning and understanding capabilities of their own. With content, resources and teaching methods changing there is a focus on greater involvement and engagement on the part of students.

Formulating cognitive strategies such as inquiring, discovering and proposing solutions to problems; understanding, analysing and evaluating information, logical thinking, comparing and contrasting different philosophies and concepts are part of the learning today.

Content knowledge and skills qualifies students today to make rational and informed choices for the future that lies ahead. Emphasis on self-management, collaboration, communication and thinking skills are some of the approaches to learning. In a nutshell, education today prepares us with the tools to make a better tomorrow, today!

Mark Treadwell, one of the most influential educators in the world says that “the greatest gains to be made will not be in rote learning and knowledge retention, but in building the understanding of concepts and being able to be far more creative”. Concepts provide the critical foundation for creativity and innovation. Thus a concept based curriculum and teaching of key competencies can prepare and facilitate our learners at Pathways for the society and world they will enter.

New approaches to teaching and learning, curriculum design and technological advancements are the way forward. The introduction of flipped classrooms with iPad, tablets give an extraordinary learning opportunity to students today. The use of technology along with traditional teaching methods supports flexibility and choice in the curriculum, and extends learning beyond the school environment. This engages students and equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to be global citizens.

Amongst the many traits, values and ethics we inspire in our students, recognising and valuing the environment stands prime. A testimony of this lies in the accomplishment of being acknowledged as the first school in the world for having been awarded the United States Green Building Council Platinum Leeds Certification. By virtue of this certification we at Pathways School Gurgaon are recognised leaders in energy and environmental design of our building.

With greater exposure to the international curriculum, the standard of educational excellence is raised. While providing a holistic education leading to the all-round development of an individual remains the focus- we believe that there are certain crucial essentials detailed below that must be emphasized to being out the best in each of our children and endow them with the fundamentals that metamorphoses them into the finest human beings.

Life Skills :  According to Wikipedia, Life Skills are defined as a set of human skills acquired via teaching or direct experience that are used to handle problems and questions commonly encountered in daily human life.

Imperative for individual growth and development some of them are self-awareness, empathy, critical thinking, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, effective communication, interpersonal relationships, coping with stress and coping with emotions.

As educationists, we at Pathways School Gurgaon, shoulder a tremendous responsibility of equipping, empowering and enabling our children ~ the global citizens of tomorrow to face challenges, unforeseen situations and the various hurdles that life throws out to them. To be able to think on their feet and resolve problems, to take the initiative and lead if things do not go according to plan, to encourage and support, to communicate effectively, develop qualities of  boldness and courageousness and emerge victorious  in all of the situations which may not be mapped out!

Unchartered experiences that one encounters are undoubtedly the best test in character building. The finest education is not confined to text book learning alone, but an exposure to real life incidents, situations and experiences which provide first hand know- how on dealing and coping with the unfamiliar!

At Pathways School Gurgaon,  we nurture and encourage our children to grow into well rounded, upright, strong, decisive, bold, influential, impactful, compassionate and responsible, global citizens, capable, competent and accomplished to take on anything that life has to offer and emerge as true role models.

Leadership: To quote John Maxwell, “a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”

This is the vision we at Pathways envisage for our students. To be committed, dynamic, knowledgeable and competent leaders of strong character, charismatic, great communicators, courageous and generous, discerning and passionate, responsible, self- disciplined with positive attitudes, and eager to take initiatives and succeed.

The law of process says that leaders develop daily, not in a day. Leadership is learned over time. Leaders are always learners. John Maxwell opines that anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course. A balance of optimism with realism and preparation is what it takes.  Education is about using the knowledge acquired to make choices-ones that benefit and impact not just oneself but others too.

The Pathways environment, culture and exposure sets the stage for all future leaders, providing the appropriate foundations, knowledge, attitudes and skill sets. Our philosophy is to equip our children to leave a mark, a lasting legacy and a valuable heritage for generations to come. Learning about networking, managerial, negotiating and problem solving skills while engaging in student council tenures, MUNs and other leadership related activities, camps and exemplary leadership preparation programmes produce responsible, confident and competent minded individuals.

John F Kennedy was quoted as saying, “Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other.” and we at Pathways School Gurgaon are in total alignment with this statement.

Creativity Action Service: When learning is not by the book!

Education essentially can be termed as a blend of academic excellence, creative ingenuity as well as a social responsibility. Education and learning seek to nourish the good qualities and draw out the best in every student, thus looking to develop the innate inner capacities of each of us. To learn the qualities of head, hand and heart in serving the best interests of society, Creativity Action Service aids and augments in providing an all-round education.

CAS as an experience enables reflective thinkers understand their strengths and limitations. By way of undertaking new challenges and unfamiliar activities, they able to identify goals and devise strategies for growth.

I believe that CAS at an individual level serves as an ideal platform for self- discovery and exploration through others. The CAS activities not only empower one to create an impact on others but also instil in us qualities of sharing & caring, compassion, generosity, humility and understanding. By sowing the seeds of empathy and kindness, we reap a great harvest of self- satisfaction, fulfilment, achievement and accomplishment.

Participation in CAS involves collaborative working with others, reflection and introspection.   A greater sense of commitment, perseverance and responsibility sets in and is a very valuable learning outcome of CAS activities. Engaging with issues of global importance ensures a greater sense of understanding issues and its impact on society and environment. Ethical implications are also considered and understood in depth. Developing new skills, decision making, problem solving, collaboration are some of essential learning outcome of CAS.

CAS at Pathways School Gurgaon has a vision: it is a stepping stone to dynamic character building in all our students, a means for self-reflection, self-growth and giving back to society~ not limited by boundaries, it speaks a common language through the media of Creativity, Action and Service, that resonates across civilizations, cultures, countries, and continents.

“To learn is to change. Education is a process that changes the learner.” – George Leonard





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Pathways Aravali inaugurates solar power generation units at Govt Schools in Aklimpur & Baas

The Interact Club of Pathways World School in collaboration with Rotary Club of Delhi Imperial, today, inaugurated solar power generation units of five Kilowatt peak capacity in two Government Middle Schools in Aklimpur and Baas villages of Aravali, Gurgaon. The ‘Solar Power Generation Service Project’ will permit nonstop power supply to the school. This renewable energy will also enable the schools to concentrate its expenses on building other facilities that will enhance the education delivery.


pic11The initiative was inaugurated in the presence of the area’s block education officials, members of Rotary Club, students of Pathways Interact Club and people from Village Panchayat.  The key guests at the ceremony included Mr Dharmendra Singh, Block Education Officer, Aravali; Mr Sanjeev Jain, President, Rotary Club of Delhi Imperial; Captain Sudesh Kumar, Assistant Governor, District Rotary 3010; Mr Praveen Jain, Director, Pathways Schools; and Dr Sarvesh Naidu, School Director, Pathways World School, Aravali.


“Literacy is one of main focus areas of Rotary Club. We along with Pathways have setup computer labs, library, and health and sanitation facilities at villages in Aravali.  Due to non-availability of power all these initiatives have been rendered useless. Our innovative project will permit uninterrupted power supply to the school, besides saving on energy, avoid pollution and provide savings in cost. Light Up Rotary is our theme for this year and our project serves as an appropriate example for the same”, said Mr Sanjeev Jain, President, Rotary Club of Delhi Imperial


Elaborating on the project, Mr Praveen Jain, Director, Pathways Schools, said, “The Solar Power Generation Service Project, a collaborative initiative of Pathways and Rotary Club, is aimed at providing power supply to six schools in Aravali. The first phase of the project has successfully installed solar units in two government schools; other four schools will be covered in the next phase. The funds for the solar units in the two schools have been jointly raised by the school and Rotary club, besides some grant from Rotary District 3010.” He added further, “Now it will be satiating to see smiles spreading across kids’ faces who used to detest coming to school in hot weather and we are optimistic that the number of students attending the school will also increase, in the coming time.” The project will be monitored and maintained by Pathways Interact Club. Besides Aklimpur and Baas, the project site includes Sakatpur and Haryahera villages.


According to Dr Sarvesh Naidu, School Director, Pathways World School Aravali,  “Caring and giving, sharing and fulfilling a dream, and bringing happiness into other people’s lives- that’s what we do at Pathways. This year, the solar electric panels will enhance the full use of IT labs in the village schools adjoining Pathways World School, bringing more happiness to the children in these schools. Providing much needed power to run fans and lights in the classrooms will make the whole day brighter and cooler for them. This is an integral part of Pathways’ educational ethos.” Pathways School also provides specialist teachers, trains teachers periodically, organises inter school cultural and sports meet. “The students of Pathways Interact Club help in teaching English, computer skills, and arts and craft, to the students of schools in Aravali”, added Dr Naidu.



The solar project also strives to achieve greater energy security with a green initiative, which aligns with the tenet of Pathways education. Notably, the school’s pledge towards sustainable development and greener environment brought it the honour of being the first school serving all grades K-12 in the world to achieve LEED-EB Platinum Certification, by the ‘United States Green Building Council (USGBC)’, last year.


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Pathways to do a Service project for Nepal earthquake victims

Pathways World School Aravali is planning to indulge in a service project for the earthquake victims in Nepal. For more details, please read the story below that appeared in Hindustan Times Newspaper on May 5th, 2015.





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