Pathways School Gurgaon at Raahgiri

Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibilityDietrich Bonhoeffer

Taking Action is an integral and most important part of the PYP curriculum. Through their actions, the students demonstrate the attributes of the learner profile and IB attitudes.


As a part of their PYP Exhibition, the Grade 5 students of Pathways School Gurgaon inquired into different local issues of global relevance. They came up with some solutions to these issues. As responsible members of the World community, they decided to make a difference and sensitize the society about these issues.IMG-20150426-WA0003


Raahgiri Day was a perfect platform for the students to campaign and spread awareness about the causes and effects of different issues. The students prepared posters and banners for their campaign to spread awareness amongst the community about the following concerns:

  1. Usage of Energy and Natural Resources
  2. Cyber crime
  3. Precautionary measures before, during and after natural disasters
  4. Ways to reduce green house gases
  5. Ways to reduce Pollution
  6. E-waste management
  7. Addiction to electronic gadgets
  8. Animal Cruelty

They claimed the roads and called their campaign “Walk/Cycle for a cause”. It was a true delight to see enthusiastic students, teachers and parents participating at Raahgiri Day.IMG-20150426-WA0009IMG-20150426-WA0055IMG-20150426-WA0057IMG-20150426-WA0054




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World Health Day at Pathways School Gurgaon

World Health Day is celebrated globally each year on 7th April. The day marks the founding of World health Organization (WHO) and aims to draw attention to important health issues facing the world each year. Each year WHO creates a different theme for world health day and this year’s theme was “Food Safety”, and the slogan ‘from farm to plate, make food safe.’

An assembly at Pathways School Gurgaon took place to mark this day on the 22nd of April 2015(co-incidentally earth day). The students of 8-Y had created a very informative presentation which was displayed during the assembly. The presentation explained what world health day was, what the World Health Organization is and we were also shown a few extremely educational videos. 6-X had also prepared a small skit about the correct eating habits which was very helpful as well as entertaining. We concluded the assembly with all of us singing a song called, ‘I will survive’ (In the style of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”) about how to keep food pathogens away and be safe while eating.


DSC_5313This assembly was a huge success as now each and every one of us knows about how to keep our food safe and eat health to be healthy and fit. Our general knowledge about this issue and WHO has increased too! We hope to have more informative assemblies like this in the near future!DSC_5300DSC_5298

Diya Sood
Grade 6z

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The Used Book Fair


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Jessica Joseph to join King’s College!

It gives us great pleasure to share the good news of yet another student of the school, joining King’s College, London for an Undergraduate degree.


Jessica Joseph heads to England to pursue B.Sc in Psychology. The degree draws upon the expertise of a wide range of world leading researchers, from neuroscience to the social sciences, in order to present multiple approaches to the application of psychological science. The course reflects the key role of psychology within interdisciplinary research and with this it gives a deep insight into a variety of contemporary problems.

In Jessica’s words, ‘This course will help me develop my analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills along with my core scientific knowledge in this field. It will allow me to study a wide range of topics, from the development of children to the biological bases of mental disorders and help me decide where my passion lies.’ 

Congratulations to Jessica on the first step towards her intended career path of  a clinical psychologist!

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