Pathways Walks for CanSupport…

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On Sunday Feb 5, Pathways Gurgaon students and parents participated in Walk for Life to raise awareness of cancer. This event was organized by CanSupport as their fifth annual walk to show solidarity with those affected by cancer and to raise funds for supporting those battling this horrifying disease. A group of 70 from Pathways community including parents and children ranging from nursery to senior school got up early on Sunday morning and walked in tandem on Rajpath in New Delhi to show their support for the cause.

Pathways contingent was one of the most energetic and enthusiastic group around and everyone seemed to be submerged in the moment including the young children who walked for a few kilometres, without complaining for most bit! The emotions of the parents, support of teachers and school faculty, energy of senior school students, and joyful cheers of primary school children made the entire event feel like a family joining hands to support and protect each other from the harms of cancer.

Attended by over 7000 people, this event was was a stark example of the impact that cancer has on our society. It was heartening to witness the emotions of those who have seen their loved ones suffer from cancer, and also the support offered by thousands to keep fighting the disease. India Gate served as the perfect backdrop for scores of marching cancer survivors who are a model of unwavering resolve and determination. The atmosphere was an amazing mix of sadness of joy and a feeling that could only be experienced by being there. I hope that Pathways family will continue their support against cancer through the year and will come out in a larger group to walk for life new year. Until then, a grand salute to all those who are fighting cancer and their families and friends who stand by them to defeat this deadly disease!

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