Pathways School Noida celebrates its First Founder’s Day on 22nd October 2011 with a Musical Theatre Production “RATTING OUT”


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The students of Pathways School in Noida are engaging with the popular protests against corruption in an unusual way. They are staging a rock musical with a uniquely contemporary twist.

Ratting Out is loosely taken from the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin – but it is set in today’s India.  Underlying the story of the city filled with rats is the theme of corruption, how ordinary people suffer and what they can do to battle it.

The Rat King is a cool villain who sings in rap to establish his leadership and the Piper has the charisma of a rock star.

The musical is special because the script, music and choreography have been composed by the staff of the school.

For everyone who followed the anti-corruption protests, the song of the corrupt city councilors will be a delight:

We’re fat and happy, as happy can be.

That’s the way it’s been through history.

We gladly receive the piles of gold,

All public property is ours to be sold.


O it’s fine to be a counselor

To decide and to rule.

The kickbacks are great

Cos I’m not a fool.

We’re all doing it,

So don’t you see

Live well is our motto

In this city

The search for a hero who will clean up the city made absolute sense to the students  of the school who are busy rehearsing for the school’s Founders Day on October 22nd.

Every age needs a hero, a Batman would do,

Driving his batmobile, giving villains their due.

Superwoman would do fine

Cos we know women can,

They’d get rid of the vermin

That’s plaguing our land.

We need our own hero

The advertisement’s been put

On TV and Radio Mirchi

Someone who’ll clean up for good

We need our own hero

Of corruption we’re tired,

Who’ll get rid of our rats

Yes, that’s what’s desired.

Direction: Kriti Sharma

Music Composition: Ignacio Corral Bermejo & Kamaleshwar Verma

Choreography: Sushant Ummat

Script & Lyrics: Shalini Advani

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Interschool Robotics Festival – ‘Robongiers’ held at Pathways School Gurgaon

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Pathways School Gurgaon organised a 3-day Robotics Festival on 27th, 28th and 29th of September, which explored the creative realm of technology. It can be best described as “3 Days of Playful Invention.” The Robongiers Fest was conceptualised 18 months back. The very name itself, Robongiers – an amalgamation of Robotics and Engineers – was the outcome of many brain-storming sessions with the students. The Creation of the logos as well as the trophies, after much thought and effort, went through multiple stages of the Design Process. The schools that participated were: Pathways, Gurgaon, Pathways, Aravali, Pathways, Noida, The American Embassy School, Scottish High, Lancer’s International, MRIS, Charmwood, MRIS, Gurgaon, MRIS 21 C, Faridabad, MRIS, Sec 14, Faridabad, Amity, Noida, Amity, Gurgaon, Vasant Valley, Suncity School, Gurgaon, DPS International.  The goal of this event was to encourage students to share their passion for technology and creativity and spark an interest in Science, Technology, and Engineering. In the Robot making completion, the winner for advanced group was Manav Rachna Internattional School, Sector 14, Faridabad and the Runner up was Amity School, Noida. The winner for beginners group was Pathways School, Noida and the runner up was Pathways School, Aravali. The event came to an end with the superb closing ceremony.

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Swimming Meet at Pathways World School Aravali…

Pathways world School organised its fifth Inter School Invitational Swimming Competition in its school premises in Aravali, Gurgaon for two days i.e 26th and 27th September.  The objective of this meet was to unite the student fraternity from various Schools to showcase their talents in Swimming and also to provide them an opportunity to interact with each other on a common platform. The Competition was inaugurated by the School Director, Dr. Sarvesh Naidu who, besides wishing the students good luck, also encouraged them to make 30 new friends each by the end of the two-day event.

Over 300 students between the ages of 8 and 17, from 20 Schools participated in this Gala Event. 16 Schools were from Delhi and NCR and 5 Schools were from the rest of India. The Schools that participated in the event are – Mayo Boys, Mayo Girls, Sapphire International, Assam Valley School, Pathways Noida, G.D Goenka, Sri Ram School, Heritage School, Blue bells, Sun city World School, Lancer International School, Scottish High, C B S Palam Vihar, DAV School, Sec-14, Mari Gold High School, Huns Enclave, DPS Sec 45, Shikshanter, Lions Public School and Pathways World School, Aravali.

Overall Champions – Pathways World School Aravali with 715 points

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