Pathways Noida Completes 100 days

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Right from the first day of school, the students of Form 2 have been doing the ‘Calendar Activity’, filling in dates, days, months and the year. At the end of each month they calculate the number of days they have come to school and put up the tally. It is from this that they arrived at the 100th day of school.

They celebrated it by making crowns with their own special message on it. They stuck ten strips of paper, each with ten things on it. Through this activity the concepts of adding in 10s and multiplying with 10 got further reinforced. The children were extremely excited to share their findings with the rest of the school. What also emerged was their ability to be risk-takers (going to each classroom, from primary to senior) and confident communicators. This wouldn’t have been possible without the encouragement and motivation they received from the entire school community. All in all, they had a great day!

By: The Pathways Noida Team

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Ides of March|Pathways Gurgaon

Lately, there is an upheaval and so much turmoil and unrest in many parts of the world.  Even the nature has wrath its fury and the recent Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan has caused the unprecedented destruction. When bad things happen it becomes imperative for the humanity to bring about a CHANGE. We can see that change occurring in tiny little steps that mankind takes to make life better. One such step in that direction was taken by the Pathwazians of Pathways Gurgaon , on the Ides of March when they bid their peers not to “Beware the Ides of March”, a saying, made famous the slaying of Julius Caesar by antiquity’s best known turncoat Senator Brutus. By enacting the powerful speeches of the two celebrated orators – Brutus and Antony, along with a journey into the Roman world an attempt was made to leave the audience with a thought that paradise starts with the love we show each other here on earth.

Article By: Megha Oberoi
Senior English Teacher

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Dr. Shalini Advani, School Director Noida, Interviewed by Mindfields Magazine

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To view the PDF please click on the link below:

Mindfields Interview

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Middle School celebrates Holi

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With winter neatly tucked up in the attic, its time to come out of our cocoons and thoroughly enjoy this Spring festival that marks up the beginning of yet another summer. It signifies good harvest and fertility, happiness and joy to the people and things around us. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the freedom of relaxed rules and sometimes join in the merriment sanely rather aggressive, and that’s what Pathways conceives in.

Harmful chemical colours are the perils of Holi. At Pathways we play it safe and absolutely natural, because we believe in an enjoyable yet humble way to express the colourful excitement of this festival, which is good for our environment. As a tradition, every year at Pathways World School, we mark the festive season with good memories we share with each other while playing with harmless natural flowers. This year was no exception.  On the 15th of March, the entire Middle School assembled near the Basketball court to play Holi with a variety of flower petals; excluding water, colour or water balloons as such.  It was a great experience for the new students and teachers as well who’d never played Holi before!! Everyone shook a leg to the beat of the ‘dhol’ and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The spirit of Holi is such that even people from other communities take part and Holi becomes a festival where entire India unites!

Kanika Agarwal

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Pi Day Celebrations

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Grade 7 celebrated the Pi day on March 14 in the Middle School. This date is significant when written the American way; i.e. 3.14 as these are the first three digits of Pi.

The Pi Song was screened for the students which set the celebratory tone for the activities to follow. This video went on to give the historical account of Pi set to the tune of the song “American Pie” by DonMcLean.

Next, the students were given three activities related to Pi. One group of students had to derive the value of Pi by finding the ratio of circumference to diameter of three different sizes of circles. To their joy all the three ratios settled down very closely to the value of Pi.

In the second activity, the students had to derive the area of a circle by cutting and pasting the sectors of a circle alternately in the shape of a parallelogram, from the template given to them. They then applied their previous mathematical knowledge to derive the area of a circle which contains the Pi.

The third group made colourful charts based on facts and trivia about Pi.

Our Principal- Middle School, Mr. Sumit Dargan and HoD Maths, Ms. Neeraja also dropped  by and participated in the celebrations. Their presence encouraged the students to give in their best.

Mr. Sandip Munde and Mr. Shiv Gaur organised this tribute to this famous irrational number.

Shiv Gaur
Faculty, Maths


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The Lucknow Information Session | Pathways Schools

After the success IB session in Katmandu Pathways moves to the The City of Nawabs – Lucknow for its next roadshow. Pathways will be talking about the International Baccalaureate System of education and also about the School’s Boarding options.

Details of the same are given below:

Date: Sunday, 27th March, 2011
Time: ( – 6mp)
Venue: Taj Vivanta, Gomti Nagar

To register yourself please visit the given link:

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Exhibition and Fair at Pathways Noida

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Pathways to Peace – Event Pictures

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Pathways to Peace- A Pathways World School Production

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Preparations leading to the Showcase Event- Pathways to Peace

The glistening sweat and the brimming smile on the faces of the danseuse brought me to ponder for a while….wasn’t this the peace that we were looking for. The rehearsals for the production were still underway and we were getting there but the levels of energy and the joy de vivre that was exemplified on the faces of these young, budding artistes was well worth the logistical nightmare that we all ‘adults’ often brooded over.

It was a vision long standing. The school had in its years of initiation put together productions of not only high quality but of unmatched grandeur and scale. Now, the challenge put with us was to take the same beyond the four walls of our campus and into a venue which would allow people easier access.

Bringing  in an external Director to direct the play from concept to finish was another approach that we took upon. Mr. Feisal Alkazi, a man from the world of theatre whose repute and standing spreads far and wide was the task master.

Work began in earnest in September, after a spate of internal meetings and the first challenge was the auditioning of a projected cast of 400 students for the dance and drama. This was not easy to say the least and the weather gods too played truant to the fullest.

Before we knew, we had the cast set, the dancers in place and the sequences began to emerge more lucidly…..

As we all got comfortable with the flow, we had to take a break, with a determination to return to this by the mid of February with full gusto.

Cranking up the machinery was not easy, but the determination and the enthusiasm of the students was our driving force. And yes, with each passing day, with each charged up rehearsal we are getting closer to the dream of sharing…..bringing to the world our pathways to peace.

Article By: Mr. Sumit Dargan
Principal Middle School
Pathways Aravali

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