The First International Mother Language Day celebrated by the Primary School at Pathways Aravali

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Primary School celebrated the ‘International Mother Language Day’ on 21st February 2011.  International Mother Language Day is marked every year worldwide on 21st February by UNESCO to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and ‘Multilingualism’.

In their respective grades, students were familiarised with the significance of this day. In Early Years, there were story telling sessions conducted by a few teachers in the school community in their own mother tongue, which were then translated in English for all students to comprehend. The story sessions which featured Spanish, Russian, Korean, Bengali, Punjabi fostered appreciation for these languages from around the world and students got an opportunity to learn a few words in them.


Article By: Monica Bhimwal
Early Years Coordinator


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On February 9th, a successful language carnival was organized under the initiative of the MFL, where students of middle and high school gathered at the Pathways Noida amphitheatre to commemorate our strong linguistic ties with the countries of Spain and France. The essence of the festiveness was evident in the `meet and greet` that ensued in our native Hindi, Spanish and French. Students opened the event in `tasking` teachers speaking no French to recite passages in French, non Hindi speakers to recite Hindi passages etc. There was much good humored laughter as they stumbled across unfamiliar words and pronunciation. The highlight of the program was a vibrant rendition of the traditional Flamenco music performed by Mr. Ignacio and his wife Ms. Belin which had everyone transfixed.

The invitation was produced in all three languages most artistically under the expert guidance of Mr. Anil, our versatile art teacher, followed by a performance by out star performers Sana, Eshaan, Shaquille and Partha. Performed were songs and dances from throughout India as well as the French and Spanish speaking worlds.   School Director Dr. Shalini Advani closed the noon assembly, again emphasizing the importance of second and third language learning.

The students of Grade 8 established a Kiosk with newspaper, magazines and bright and traditional Spanish memorabilia, besides dressing in the garb local to the region. Spanish and French cuisine completed the ambience of a distant land. Overall, the proceedings definitely achieved the effect of transporting visiting guests ever so lightly and vividly to the bohemian streets of Spain and France.


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Primary school students experimented with painting in the style of the great artists – Van Gogh, Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso.

The watercolors blend together,
As a masterpiece is made,
The artist is hard at work,
Never making a single mistake.
All wishes and dreams come true,
In his paintings full of color,
Intense feelings and scenes explode,
Each painting better than the other

By- Pathways Noida Team


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Bobby Varky’s interaction with Students from Pathways Aravali

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Mr  Bobby Varky who is working as an Executive Editor for ‘M’ magazine had an interesting interaction with the students of Grade 4 on the 14th February 2011. He explained the meaning of a journalist and the difference between a journalist and a reporter. He told the students  about the division of work in a newspaper. The reporters who collect news from various sources have the language and grammar checked by the Copy Desk which comprises the editors. The students were curious to know about the making of newspapers  and asked a lot of questions. Here is a sample of some of their questions

  • How does news reach the reporter?
  • What happens if a false story is printed?
  • What happens if two reporters get the same story?
  • Do reporters fight for the page they want their news to be published?
  • How do the newspapers keep to the deadlines?
  • What happens if the news is not ready on time?
  • When was the first newspaper made?
  • How much time is taken to print a newspaper?
  • Is the news on TV same as that of a newspaper?
  • How do the reporters get the news from other countries?

The students were active listeners as they heard about different types of newspapers and the working of a newspaper. Drawing from his own experience with the major national dailies of India, Mr Varky sketched a picture of how a newspaper takes shape. He also spoke about passion for the job and a love for the language as essentials to succeed. He expressed his admiration at the level of intelligent questions the students had posed. At the end of the interaction he had inspired some of the students to become journalists when they grew up.

Article By: Renu Kaushal
Primary School


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College Counselling Fair held at Pathways Noida

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Students of Pathways School Noida had an excellent introduction to the complexities of University admission in the USA. Linden US tour was invite to the school on the 10th Feb. We hosted 12 Admissions Officers from universities like Michigan-Flint, Savannah College of Art and Design, University of Central Florida, Ohio State, Columbia College of Chicago, University of Minnesota, Lasell College and many more. It was a mini fair on US universities in which our senior students had an opportunity to interact directly with universities representatives and gather information on admission requirements, courses, scholarships and funding. It was very useful for our students as well as parents who were invited.

This followed from a session a little earlier, on the University of Hawaii Pacific.  Ms Lindsey Garbenis, Associate Director, International Admissions- Hawaii Pacific University addressed our senior students and spoke to them about the University and its undergraduate admission procedure. It was a 30 minute session followed by question and answers. Interested parents also attended the session and interacted with her regarding IB admission requirements and transfer of credits.

Article By: Puja Rao
College Counsellor
Pathways Noida

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Pathways Noida Students Visit National Science Centre

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On Friday, students of grades 6 to 11 had a fascinating visit to the National Science Centre, Pragati Maidan. In fact it turned out to be an eye opener as we saw intriguing aspects of science/math in the form of live working models! The trip was divided into two parts – a preliminary visit and investigative study. In all there were seven different galleries. All students were given a worksheet outlining the synopsis of the concepts/models displayed at NSC.

Students were very excited to see some of the models from science especially the one which gives information about the amount of water in various organs of the human body.

The scientific magic show conducted by the supervisor at NSC was awesome. Children found out the amazing applications of Liquid Nitrogen and how it does the trick for magicians! There were various other models on Physics, Chemistry, IT etc. The mathematical model on Pythagoras Theorem was praised by everyone. The Elliptical Carom turned out to be a real jigsaw as children tried hard to figure out the mathematics behind it. All children got almost lost in the Mirror Maze – an application of the Physics concept.

Already further trips are being planned by individual teachers to follow up on specific learning areas of the museum. It’s truly a perfect world of learning by doing.

By- Raju Verma
Head of Maths- Pathways Noida


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Kindergarten Assembly Celebrated at Pathways Gurgaon

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Sing, Dance, and Celebrate!

Our life is surrounded with many celebrations and traditions. Many of us don’t know why many of the events are celebrated, but we keep doing the same year after year.

The Kindergarten assembly, on Saturday February 5th was based on the Unit of Inquiry “Let’s Celebrate!” The students have been learning about how people recognize important events through celebrations. To begin the process, each student chose a celebration and inquired about the same. They began research by interviewing adults and asking questions like what, when, why and how about their chosen celebration.  They depicted scenes of each celebration through songs, dances and theatre. Through this performance students were able to understand the similarities and the differences about different celebrations around the world.

The multicultural performances presented before the audience instilled the importance of togetherness in celebrations.

Article By: Ridhi Uppal
Kindergarten Form Tutor
Pathways Gurgaon

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Hindi Diwas Celebrated at Pathways Noida.

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We at Pathways School Noida celebrated Hindi Divas on the 31st of January2011 where students recited Hindi poems, gave speeches and sung beautiful songs taking us to a different world. There was also a fair of Hindi books. The little faces of Primary years students broadened with a smile when they saw Hindi movies; – Alibaba challis chor, karadi tales. Solving some interesting puzzles, doing illustrations of the story on a wooden panel, and buddy reading was also part of the fun filled event at school.

Our senior school compere  Siddhant Tyagi held together a special assembly with his thoughtful and creative commentary. Eeshan Shukla reminded us of the way Bollywood has shaped the language with his performance on the song Give me some sunshine from the movie 3 Idiots.

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Pathways Gurgaon Student Wins Accolades at the iNET Conference

iNet   which stands for the “International Networking for educational transformation” is an international net work of schools, organisations and individuals who are committed to transforming learning through innovation .

The topic for their latest student conference is “What skills and specific abilities or competences are needed by global child entrepreneurs who are able to pursue their own ideas, take risks and follow their global ambitions?”

The objective of this conference is to create an opportunity to discuss students as global entrepreneurs and to make international connections. Through the conferences educators can discuss their understanding of global entrepreneurship, how it fits into 21st century schooling and generates ideas for teaching and learning strategies. Students can enhance their citizenship and communication skills by talking to young people from around the world about global enterprise and how it can impact on what and how they learn.

The movie entry made by Parth Ahluwalia of Grade 6 for this conference has been greatly appreciated by the iNet team and will be published in their forthcoming online issue.

Conference  dates are 14–21 February 2011
Deadline for submission : 24 January 2011

Article By: Ms. Dimpu Sharma
Middle School
Pathways School, Gurgaon

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Grade 3 students of Pathways Aravali visit the National Museum

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As a provocation to the inquiry on past civilization and ways to find out about the past civilization, Grade 3 visited the Harappan Gallery of National Museum in New Delhi. This gallery contains precious and carefully preserved artifacts of that time. As we walked through the huge, well carved wooden doors, we were transferred to an era 4000 years back. The photographs of the excavated sites welcomed us.

The timeline showing the different civilizations enabled children to make connections with their fact sheets on civilizations. They saw the map, located the Indus River and also noted down the important cities of the time. They discussed, debated and concluded about the various things that were so similar to what they see now, like the bricks used for construction and the drainage system.

The children wondered aloud looking at the fine ceramic and terracotta pottery and the various animal, bird and human figures. They debated on how they were made and what they might have been used for. The toys, tools and bronze artifacts also held their attention but what astonished them the most was a huge jar called the ‘ storage jar’ which had a taper at the bottom. Wonderings continued as to the cause of the tapering which some thought was the design, some thought was for attaching a collection tap and some felt was to keep the water cool.

The jewellery, weights, toiletries and kitchen utensils were also observed with a lot of interest, often drawing connections with the present world. A debate sparked off again in front of the seals which were not only of different shapes but also made of different materials. Wonderings continued and very prudently some of them decided that they were different because they either belonged to different denominations or were from different places.

The skeleton of a woman wearing jewellery found buried with her belongings also generated a lot of curiosity. The statue of the dancing girl, the bronze figure of a woman, the head of the priest and the beautiful photographs of the excavated sites………. all what the children wished for was… can we also visit these sites?

The curiosity of the children has been tapped and now they are all extremely excited to find out more about the civilization and share with the larger audience. Wasn’t that what we aimed at?

Article By: Malini Ghosh
Grades 2 & 3 Coordinator
Pathways Aravali

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