Pathways – The Year That Was!

The celebrations for Christmas were barely over and the world is now excited about the advent of yet another new year. This is a time to reflect back on the year gone by, be proud of our achievements, learn from the challenges faced, and above all, move into 2011 with a new sense of purpose.

For us here at Pathways, it was a historic year with the launch of two new Pathways schools. There were lots of challenges, emerging opportunities, long hours of collective hard work, and a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm to flow in a new direction. Both new schools began classes on 20 October 2010. Congratulations to both the schools and a wonderful journey ahead.

This year was also eventful for our flagship school which has come a long way since its birth n 2003. In this short time period, six batches of students have already graduated from the school and made us proud by enrolling in various reputed universities around the globe. The school organized and participated in several programs this year like Pathways Rediscovering Minds, Udeesha, founders weekend, and is currently looking forward to the first ever Pathways production in New Delhi set to be held in March.

In addition to being consistently ranked among the top ten international schools in the country for the last few years; this year, Pathways World School was also ranked as the best International school in the region by two surveys conducted back to back by Hindustan Times and Education World. Congratulations to the entire team and our best wishes to scale even higher peaks in times to come.

The New Year will see many more achievements, joys and successes. But for Pathways, what matters the most is the love and support of our parents and students; the hard work and dedication of our teachers to make every event a success and bring out the best in our students; and to raise the bar each time.

On behalf of the entire Pathways team, we wish you all a very Happy and Joyous New Year…

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Human Rights Assembly held at Pathways Gurgaon

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The students of grade V conducted a special assembly to commemorate the UN Human Rights Day. This was done in keeping with their current unit of inquiry on Governments and Human Rights. They presented a dance drama, a video and a song to the school. Our class put up a thought provoking show bringing awareness about Human Rights, which was appreciated by teachers and students alike. This presentation highlighted their study of the Human Rights and Social Justice.

By: Garima Gupta
Form Tutor
Grade V

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Pathways Gurgaon Students Win Commendations at the Model United Nations Conference

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A 7 member team represented Pathways School Gurgaon at the Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Chandigarh. This was organised by Vivek High School, and was the first ever inter school event for the senior school of Pathways Gurgaon.

The team comprised of students from Grade 9 and Grade 11. Kirat Sodhi and Pranay Jain of grade 11, won High Commendation awards in the EcoSoc. The teachers who trained the team were Anindita Singh and Sudha Bhatia.

The students who participated in the event were:

Grade 11

Pranay Jain

Abhijay Misra

Kirat Sodhi

Madhav Gupta

Grade 9

Pratiti Jain

Nimisha Dhingra

Saru Gupta

Article By: Sangeeta Krishnan Nag
Principal – Senior School, Pathways Gurgaon

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Day of Sharing | Pathways School Noida

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On 21st of December, as the end of the term celebrations, Pathways School Noida commemorated a “Day of Sharing”. As part of their Community Action Service initiative the school runs a programme christened ‘Prabodhan’ or ‘Awakening’. The staff and the students are engaged in teaching and interacting with around 50 children of labourers who live around the campus. This programme was a ‘shared’ platform for the school students and these children.

In her inaugural speech Director of Pathways School Noida, Dr. Shalini Advani, stressed on the shift in educational thought, from competition to cooperation. Mr. Praveen Jain, Director, expressed his satisfaction at how Pathways School Noida was blossoming as a socially sensitive and academically strong institution. Dr. Kiran Dattar spoke on behalf of the Board of Governors. She talked from her experience as an educationist and was happy to see how the Jain family was committed towards excellence, creating children and citizens of the future through the Pathways institutions.

The festivities commenced in the traditional fashion with a dance to a Ganesh Vandana. The core of the programme was presentations by the labour children from the ‘Prabodhan’ programme. They recited rhymes, performed skits and danced to the ever popular ‘Bam Bam Bole’. The Pathways students showcased their talents with the choir performing Hindi songs and Christmas carols. The middle and junior school performed a well choreographed dance. The festivities ended with the Pathways students sharing gifts which they had bought for the ‘Prabodhan’ children. In return the ‘Prabodhan’ children too shared small tokens of love with the Pathways students, now lovingly addressed as dadas and didis.

By- Sudripta Tagore
English Teacher- Pathways Noida

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Catch the Excitement of the Founders Weekend 2010 at Pathways World School, Aravali

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By- Cathy Anubha Banerji
Facilitator for IGCSE Drama and English, Theory of Knowledge, and Editor & Publisher of School Journals

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The Excitement of the Fun Fair- By a Student of Pathways World School, Aravali

The excitement started from the night before, my countdown was now in hours. Funfair was now just a night away. As soon as I woke up I asked my mom if I could take a ride with my friend so that I would reach earlier than planned.  The journey to school with my buddy was epic, we talked about million things and planned what would be the first thing we would do as we reached.  Just about a minute left for us to reach our school and butterflies started to jump in my belly.

As we reached middle school we realized that we were 45 minutes early. So we waited in the chemistry lab with our friends, played some games. Then finally we were allowed to go to THE FUNFAIR. We went really fast but sadly not fast enough, we had to stand in a huge line waiting for the most important thing at that time, our coupon booklet.

We kick-started the fun-fair  by going to the jam session, danced for 15 minutes. By this time our blazers were off. We then each had “tropical snow” there were so many flavors that we couldn’t make up our mind.

There were many games like locksmith, crazy golf, etc.  After doing so much we did deserve some lunch so we headed to get some pizza. We heard that our friend’s brother was playing for the western music band. The band was truly rocking. Realising that there was not much time we went straight towards the bouncy and there we truly had a blast.

Everyone at the field seemed to be having so much fun. All our coupons were finally over and we smiled at each other thinking that the money was spent well on charity.

Article By – Mridul Crystelle Singh
Grade 7 Z
Pathways World School, Aravali

The wonderful moments of Founder’s Weekend Celebrations- 2010

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Founder’s Weekend Celebrations begin at Pathways World School, Aravali

Pathways Aravali will be celebrating the 8th Founders weekend on 17th and 18th of December, 2010. This year Pathways is cherishing “The Joy of Reaching Out”. In these two exciting days the school will be showcasing the talents of various students in multiple events. Pathways being an inclusive school gives ample opportunities to its students to present their skills and talents.

The first day would begin with the Awards ceremony of the Middle school followed by the awards function of the Primary school. But that’s not all, you will also have the pleasure of witnessing the splendour of this country when the Primary school and the middle school students present the various beautiful dance forms of India, which are the hallmark of this country. This will be part of a exciting programme called the ‘Nritya Dhanush- Colours of India’.

The second day would begin with the very popular Fun Fair which will have a number of games and foods to titillate your taste buds. The money raised from the Fun Fair will be used by the Interact Club of the school to support the ongoing community service projects.

The senior school will get into action after the fun fair and will be presenting an engrossing play- ‘I Van Gogh’ followed by a scintillating dance performance called the ‘Moulin Rouge’. The Grand finale on the closing day will be brought about by the very energetic and enthusiastic Middle School.

For Pathways, the Founder’s weekend is the fitting finale to all the hard work, practice and dedication that is put in by the teachers and the students. All the experiences of the Founder’s gets stored in the treasure box of our memories forever….

The wonderful moments of Founder’s Weekend Celebrations- 2010

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Literary Week Celebrations at Pathways Noida

Teachers Play

Role Play by the PYP teachers on essential elements of a book and teachers personified each element. The highlight of the play was teachers dressed up as characters from different genres.

Book Fair by Scholastic

Children learnt how to choose books of their level and interest and we saw them reading blurbs!!

Sharing a story with Early Learners and we saw most the children from KG and Grade buy the same book at the Book Exhibition.


Form 5 introduced the happenings in the Book Week to the whole school in a special assembly on Tuesday.

Buddy Reading

Two children reading to one another.  If the child was younger, student tried and picked up cues from picture.

As a finale of the Literary Week, children dressed up in their favourite book character and enjoyed introducing themselves.

Literary Week

Reading is the basic foundation on which academic skills of an individual are built. You can read almost anything including encyclopedias, novels, dailies, magazines…the list is pretty long, but that hardly matters, as long as you like doing it. Whether you like fiction or non-fiction is not important, but whether you like reading or not is! But children are often too busy with their computer games and television, whereas adults are glued on to their computer screen, amassing the wealth of knowledge through Internet search engines. Reading does have its loyal fan following, but the fan base is rapidly decreasing. We at Pathways, have made a studied attempt at increasing this fan base through our literary week celebrated from 4th December to 10th December.

The growing Caterpillar

A Caterpillar’s was put up in the school Aangan. Every time a child read a book. He wrote a little reflection on a pre cut circle that was added to the Caterpillar’s face, thus grew the caterpillar. He had his own spurts of growth. If his length is any indicator of the success of the reading week, we have succeeded with our objective.

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First Educational Field Trip for the Students of Pathways Gurgaon|Harappan Gallery-A Close Look

Saturday, 27th November, was a day on which all the planning and preparation for the visit to the National Museum in New Delhi would be tested. Students and teachers had all geared up for the ‘First Educational field trip’ keeping in mind how curricular understanding and skills taught in the different subjects could support their understanding of Historical Sources.

The students prepared for the trip by first surfing through a wonderful website which helped them get a glimpse of what they would be studying at the museum. The history teacher had visited the museum and created a slide show which she showed. There were discussions about the sources.  Teachers and students together designed a field book keeping in mind the current objective of the History curriculum –a study of primary and secondary sources of historical information through their upcoming unit the ‘Harappan Civilization’.

On the way to the museum, the students marked the route from their homes to the Museum on the map provided to them in the field book. On reaching the Museum their attention was captivated by the magnificent Chariot displayed right at the entrance.

We entered the Harappan gallery where the students spent time carefully observing the details of each display and reading up the write ups. Students were curious and surprised to see the displays which depicted the similarities to modern times – the utensils and the ornaments, the layout of cities, games, embellishments on drapery. They appreciated the miniature and skilled craftsmanship of the artists and were inquisitive about burial practices, and tomb offerings, the tools used for agriculture and the scales and weights used for measurement during the 2700B.C. all of which gave them an insight into how such artefacts are used to draw historical conclusions,

Next the students got down to recording their learning on related task sheets and completing the questionnaires that they themselves had made, prior to the visit to set the focus for the visit. They moved from one corner of the gallery to the other to ensure that they were  very precise and accurate regarding the information which they were noting and had not missed out on what they had intended to find out about.

A long conversation and discussion with the curator Mr R.S Atal (Lecturing and Education Department) was the next activity. It helped the students to go deeper to understand the uniqueness of the seals that depicted the lifestyle of the people living during those times, which we as lay people might have ignored. He was very passionate in explaining to the students the various techniques used during the Harappan civilization in art-the color technique and the model making. He also discussed with the students how it is important to differentiate between prediction and reality when we study History. He shared with us how these terms are different but yet interrelated.

Students asked questions regarding scientific integration in History and how Science was used during the Harappan civilization. The question and answer session would not have ended if teachers had not intervened in order to maintain planned schedules.

Students returned having learnt the skill of using community resources to enhance their learning and armed with information to proceed with their project.

Article by: Tanwinder Kohli
Social Sciences Teacher
Middle School- Pathways Gurgaon

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Pathways World School Does It Again! | Ranked amongst the top 10 International Schools in the country!

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It gives us immense pleasure to share the wonderful news of Pathways World School being ranked amongst the top 10 International schools in India. The survey which was conducted by Education World has ranked Pathways as the number 1 International school in Delhi NCR, and number 2 in the entire North India region.

The Award was received by Dr. Sarvesh Naidu, the School Director of Pathways World School.

Pathways has also been adjudged as the best International School in the region by another survey conducted by Hindustan Times.

Once again we are extremely joyous with this recognition. This continues to motivate us to set even higher benchmarks for ourselves and reinforces the exceptional efforts put together by the entire team at Pathways.

Follow this link to take a tour of the school.

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