UDEESHA 2010 | The Cultural Festival of Pathways World School, Aravali | 25 to 26 November, 2010

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It’s a new dawn that’s brought us here together,

It’s this new dawn, that’ll make us friends forever

Darkness has vanished, look ahead look high,

It’s a new day, look at the Aravali sky…

It was an overcast, cloudy sky which threatened to pour any second. But who, indeed, can resist the power of a group of children and adults determined to celebrate the dawn of a new age? It did not rain, and the sun too seemed eager to shine down on Pathways—Aravali as it rose bright and early to view all the exciting events on Day 2 of Udeesha, the Cultural Festival of PWS.

Conceived, or rather, dreamt of, a year ago, Udeesha had to be postponed to this year due to various unavoidable reasons. As the School Director, Dr Naidu, said in his inaugural speech, “Udeesha is the brainchild of Ms Maya Norula, who moved on to Hopetown Girls School earlier this year.” He urged all the girls from Hopetown to carry a message back to her: that her dream had been realized and that she would’ve been proud of all the hard work that has gone in to bringing it to life.

The Inauguration was attended by most of the participating schools, and graced by the Chairman, Mr Pramod Jain, Dr Kiran Dattar, and several members of the Governing Board. We were also delighted to welcome representatives of our two sister schools in Gurgaon and NOIDA.

The Udeesha events explored a range of art forms—music, dance, theatre, elocution, debating, fine art, design and technology, photography, and IT. Math, usually frowned upon by the art world, proved to be more than fun during Spectramind, a math-based quiz. Not to be left behind, every “subject” in the syllabus featured in the D’Quiz.

Displaying the spirit of sportsmanship, PWS—Aravali students participated in all events, but did not compete for the awards.

The grand finale on the second day included a series of performances by several participating schools—a Hindustani ensemble, rock bands, beautifully choreographed dances, and the final spectacle, I, Van Gogh, a play based on the life of Vincent Van Gogh, written and directed by Renjit Janardanan. The Art Department was infused with the spirit of the celebrated artist and created the splendour of the man and his art through a spectacular set which left everyone awe-struck.

In putting together this festival, students, faculty members, senior management and support staff worked in perfect unison—they could have all been dancing together, perhaps, in a tango choreographed by the inimitable duo of Norbu and Sanjay.

Photographs by: Anirudh Bayanwala and Sara Nishika Doyle

Article by: Cathy Anubha Banerji.
Editor & Publisher- School Journals
Pathways World School , Aravali

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Newsletters – Pathways Schools Gurgaon and Noida | November 2010

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism

We believe that a small step in the right direction will blaze a trail on the pathway of success, unprecedented and humongous, bringing to the fore talents in multifarious fields. With this conviction Pathways Gurgaon and Pathways Noida have started their monthly newsletter, that will share the experience of the journey called Pathways. After extensive brainstorming, students from Pathways Gurgaon came up with an innovative name for the Gurgaon Newsletter and called it  “Pathwaves”!!

Catch a sneak-peek of the Newsletters in the following Slide Show:

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To read the Pathways Gurgaon  Newsletter in detail please visit: http://pathways.in/gurgaon/newsletter.asp

To read the Pathways Noida Newsletter in detail please visit:  http://pathways.in/noida/newsletter.asp

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3rd Pathways Invitational Cricket Tournament 2010 | Pathways World School

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The 3rd Pathways Invitational Cricket Tournament was held on 19th of this month till Sunday the 21st.  Here are the details.

Results and Positions

1.  The SriRam School, Moulsari Avenue, Gurgaon – Winners

2. Pathways World School, Aravalli, Gurgaon – Runners -Up

3. G.D.Goenka W School, Gurgaon –Sohna rd. – 3rd Place

4. The Heritage School, Gurgaon – 4th place.

Noteworthy Performances and Awards.

MAN OF THE SERIESNitikant Kasana (PATHWAYS WORLD SCHOOL, GURGAON) – 2 Man of the Match awards; he scored 67 Runs and took 6 wickets in the tournament.

BEST BATSMANBhavya Bishnoi (THE SRIRAM SCHOOL, MOULSARI AVENUE, GURGAON) – scored 93 runs at an average of 46.5, in the tournament.

BEST BOWLER Jai Karan Anand (THE SRIRAM SCHOOL, MOULSARI AVENUE, GURGAON) – Took 6 wickets in the tournament and gave away only 50 runs in 12 overs. (Average of 8.33 runs/wicket).

BEST WICKET KEEPERAshwin Hoon (THE SRIRAM SCHOOL, MOULSARI AVENUE, GURGAON) – 1 Man of the Match Award, 6 catches and took 1 stump in the tournament.

Rajat Sabharwal.

(Cricket Coach)

Get more info on the school here http://pathways.in/

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Pathways World School to Celebrate Udeesha 2010 | A Festival of the Arts | An Ode to Humanity

Pathways World School, Aravali will be celebrating Udeesha – A Festival of the Arts, from Thursday 25th November to Saturday 27th November, 2010 at the school premises. Some of the participating schools include Ahmedabad International School; Vasant Valley School, Delhi; DPS International; Hope Town School, Dehradun etc.

Udeesha’ (a Sanskrit word), means the first ray of the sun at dawn. For Pathways, it signifies the hope that ultimately, the world will come together with a common dream and to enable that to happen, it is important to sing and dance and muse together.

The festival aims to celebrate the theme of “Celebrating Humanity”. Students will be encouraged to share their cultures, thoughts and opinions through forums of dance, music, art, debate and elocution, and participate in the activities on the Aravali hills, on the beautiful Pathways campus.

The major highlights of the event are The Curran Anand Memorial Elocution Contest; Debate; Quiz Competition; Musical Ensembles; Arts; Drama; Dance and many more exciting activities.

Event Details
Teacher in-charge – Ms. Geeta Varma
Debate Topic

‘The Concept of One world, One People is a Myth’

‘So You Think You Can Dance!’
Teacher in-charge- Mr. Norbu David
A choreographed dance recital in the form of a story. Dancers to use props like hat, cane, chair, scarf. Participants to get their own musical piece and hand it in during registration.

‘The No-spill Challenge’
Teacher in charge – Mr. James Andrew Chandler
Team to design and make a device that will transport water safely from one table to another table at a distance of 2 m. without spilling or physically handling it [e.g. the design could include a pulley/bridge/crane, etc]. The teams would be successfully judged by the amount of water remaining after the transportation. The required material will be provided by the school.

The Curran Anand Elocution Competition
Teacher in charge – Ms. Chandreyee Das Gupta
2 contestants [Grade 9/10 + Grade 11/12].Grades 9/10 contestants will be expected to deliver from memory a poem of no more than 2 minutes duration, while the contestants from Grade 11/12 will deliver from memory, a prose passage of 3 minutes duration

Theme: LIFE

“Together with the Flora and Fauna” – Bird Trail & Self-expression
Teacher in-charge – Ms. Bhagirathy Jhingran
An early morning bird-watching walk that would provide students with the opportunity to sketch and photograph local wildlife. The walk would be lead by a leading ornithologist from WWF-India. Time and material would be made available after the walk for students to prepare their work for an exhibition. Participants are advised to bring along their own cameras/binoculars/bird-books.

A Traveler’s Road Show
Teacher in-charge – Mr. Renjith Janardhan
Students must act out a short story or poem devised from a real life incident or a newspaper story which is not a published play. Props can be provided by the host school, if requested well in advance.

Teacher in-charge – Ms. Neeraja Nibhanupudi
Participants will go through a medley of mathematical collage and drawings and make
inferences. The event will have a series set of rounds with usage of math in various

‘Animate Your Imagination’
Teacher in-charge – Ms. Usha Kasana
Students would be required to create an animation movie from a topic that will be announced on the day.

Deadly Serious!
Teacher in-charge – Kaanan R. Sondhi
Participants have to stage a humorous performance either through mimicry or stand-up comedy!

Teacher in-charge – Mr. Dinesh Bakshi
The participants will be quizzed on multi-disciplines, a series of questions through various rounds

Music-“Sounds Unlimited”
Teacher in-charge – Mr. Vidit Tanwar

Rock Band
Sound equipment will be provided
Only a standard five-piece drum-kit and a ‘stage piano’ will be provided.

Art Fest-“Vistavision”
Teacher in-charge – Mr. Devendra Shukla
This event features many genres of art like drawing, painting, art appreciation and also sculptural art.

Choice of Media and Techniques: Final work produced may combine several techniques and mediums. Artistic understanding and expression may be achieved through various techniques from drawing to painting, and sculpture to conceptual art.

‘Frozen Moments’ – Photography
Teacher in-charge – Mr. Santanu Bhowmick
The theme of the contest will be declared on the 1st day of the festival in the morning. The participants will have one and a half day to shoot and then submit their soft copy. After short listing, the selected ones will be printed and then framed and then ready to be a part of the exhibition.

Hindustani Musical Ensemble

Fun Events/Moments

  • Fun Sports
  • Pathways Aravali Night [D J Night]

For more info on Udeesha visit http://pathways.in/common/se-udeesha.asp?aravali=happ

For info on Pathways Schools visit http://pathways.in/

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Canadian Cricket Team Visit | Pathways World School

The Canadian Cricket Team visited the Pathways School Aravali Campus for a practice session for the upcoming World Cup happening in the February of 2011!! The team had a great time with the Pathways Cricket squad as they practiced and interacted together.

The Canadian team was welcomed by the School Director, Dr. Sarvesh Naidu. Utilizing the world class sports facilities of Pathways, the team went happy and satisfied after the session.

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Self Defense Workshop | Pathways Schools

A 6 Day long Workshop was conducted in the Pathways World School…the children had a gala time learning!!

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The International School Perspective in India | Pathways Schools

Various  international schools are cropping up through out India, parents are enrolling their kids to these schools. An article published in TOI few month ago spelled out clearly about what an international school consist of:

International Curriculum, International faculty & International student body. It is very important for parents to check the affiliation of school before enrolling their kids. All international schools must be affiliated with at least one international Curriculum.

Pathways World School in Gurgaon, Noida and Aravali is open to year-long admissions for the session of 2011-2012. Pathways is a truly international school with all modern amenities like fully air-conditioned classrooms, an advanced international curriculum and a set of highly qualified and dedicated faculty. Pathways World School Gurgaon, Noida and Aravali invites applications for admission from nursery to graduation. The school imparts practical methods of Montessori to implant values of self discipline and cultural awareness.

In India parents & kids are under the assumption that international schools are meant for foreign students only but in reality it is not true. International schools enroll students from all parts of the world. These schools train students from international perspective. Students from such schools can easily mingle in multilingual culture, so, they wont face any difficulty when they move out from one country to another, either for higher studies or jobs.

Yes, International schools help student for Globalised culture. These students interact with students of other countries and know about their culture, traditions and values. Another feature of truly international school is the academic year which coincides with rest of the countries outside India. When students switch from one country to another without compromising on losing a term or reapting a term.

Looking at the success of international schools in India, many school following syllabus ICSE & CBSE affiliated schools have started proclaiming to be international schools.

For more information on Pathways Schools visit: http://pathways.in/


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A Positive Student-Teacher Relationship | Pathways Schools

An important aspect dealt in contemporary era – is how interactive and positive is the relationship between a Teacher and a Student. Many cognitive theorists argue that learning is a social event, and that both teachers and students will pay the price if teachers neglect to form emotionally warm, supportive relationships with and among their students.  According to the observations and surveys – a student spends his/her 5 to 7 hours in school/college around 9 to 10 months annually, and is affected by a group of teachers interacting with them daily. And more troubles outside of school that can easily distract mind of a student. As a result, they need more effective relationship with their teachers. These students feel that caring teachers “legitimize their personal concerns and also help them refocus energy on there goals .

This relationship when groomed – elevates the intellectual abilities of a student, and when neglected by a teacher – freezes the growth of capabilities and skills which resulting a waste of talent and carelessness of a teacher.

Where as a good and healthy relationship is defined through policies and principles of teaching and studying portrayed by Awlia-ullah Kiram S.A and Duat Kiram R.A in their ways of teaching and guidance.  The relationship is projecting a way of learning, studying, educating and teaching with full application of the knowledge practically which needs to be full filled for conceiving the knowledge as a whole.

A positive student-teacher relationships are characterized by open communication, as well as emotional and academic support that exist between students and teachers . A positive relationship starts with a comforting reception from a teacher to a student from day one. The teacher needs to acknowledge the activities performed by students of any level and encourage them which then bond a positive relationship. The student needs to approach with full respect and honor for the teacher and consult in any queries occurring in academic activities and the communication between the student and the teacher serves as a connection between the two, which provides a better atmosphere for a classroom environment. The environment develops the growth of a student gradually in developing a personality, characteristics and manners. The student adapts the style of communication transmitted by the Teacher.

Pathways, an international school for approximately 2000 students from Pre Nursery to Grade 12, offers the flexibility of day, weekly and termly boarding options. Pathways graduates are prepared for entry to degree courses in first-class universities in India, the USA, and the UK and all over the world. Also known for its excellent student- teacher relationship.

Visit the school here: http://pathways.in/

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Pathways Children’s Day Celebration | Pathways Schools at Aravali, Noida & Gurgaon

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International Schools in India |Why Their Growth is so Tremendous | Pathways World Schools at Noida, Gurgaon & Aravali

From small barrios in South America to the largest cities in China, Thailand, South Korea, and Laos international schools are opening their doors for the first time and going into business. What is causing this proliferation in international school education? The CNN provides the answer in their news report below. In brief, hundreds of USA companies are exporting their management and production infrastructure overseas.

Generally, wealthy countries and companies will outsource their production and labor to countries that do not always have stringent laws regarding a number of factors including environmental, health, tax, and retirement issues. There often is an absence of trade or labor unions. That’s not to say that the countries above do not have laws as mentioned. However, many high end companies find these countries attractive because of the lower cost of producing and exporting goods from those countries.

The managers and supervisors of those companies are most frequently exported from their home countries along with the technology needed to produce the goods they manufacture. Dell, General Motors (GM), Panasonic and dozens of other companies have exported both their intellectual brain trusts and think tanks to second countries to start up operations there. In the vast majority of cases, the English language is the native language of the managers who have been exported to other countries to start business operations. Many of these top managers, be they women or men, are married with children. Needless to say, the children has to have a quality education in International Standards and International Schools become the only source.

Pathways  Schools in Noida, Gurgaon & Aravali are one of the Top Ranking  International Schools in India. Pathways a group an international school for approximately 2000 students from Pre Nursery to Grade 12, offers the flexibility of day, weekly and termly boarding options. Pathways graduates are prepared for entry to degree courses in first-class universities in India, the USA, and the UK and all over the world.

Go to http://www.pathways.in/ for more info on the school.

For admission procedure visit http://pathways.in/gurgaon/admission-procedure.asp?over=Admission

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