Building Cultural Bridge- Pathwaysians Connect with Korean Exchange students

Studying abroad can change a student’s life for the better, immerse them in new languages and cultures and allow them to further investigate academic passions. In August, Pathways School Gurgaon welcomed a group of 13 Korean students with their 2 teachers as a part of their Indo-Korean exchange program. The programme was an enriching experience on many levels. It helped in both personal and professional development of students, stimulated creative ideas, enhanced relationships, and strengthened multicultural understanding.




The programme started with a lively and informative session that showcased Indian and Korean cultures. Pathways students presented a slide show on the different parts of India and included colourful images of its cuisines, religions as well as festivals. The school music teacher gave a wonderful rendition of ‘Raag Bhog’ that captured the essence of Hindustani classical music. Whilst the Korean exchange students started with a fun filled traditional dance. One of the students displayed ‘Hanbok’, a traditional dress worn by Koreans and demonstrated how it is worn. They also presented the techniques from Taekwondo, a Korean national sport followed by a group dance performance . The show concluded with the students singing Korea’s National Anthem. The whole program was captivating and entertaining for everyone present there with a fruitful exchange between two different cultures.



Pathways also combined the Independence day celebration for India and South Korea. Coincidentally, South Korea also attained independence on the 15th August. The assembly began with the school director, Capt. Rohit Bajaj hoisting the tricolor followed by India’s national anthem. Thereafter, the South Korean teacher hoisted the South Korean flag and their national anthem was sung.


The program provided an enriching experience to all the participating students, by exposing them to an environment where they are required to adjust in a foreign country without the help of their family. The transition that students made as they walked out of their comfort zone of their native environment, carving out an identity on their own in a foreign land, gave them the confidence that they would need in their further education or career. It also instilled a sense of responsibility and accountability in them.


The Exchange Programme, as with most such activities was a platform for learning not only for the visitors but also for the students of our own school. It taught the students how, under various guises of nation, religion, skin and many more all of us are human beings – children of the same world.


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Round Square Collaborative Service Project in the IB Community

We are proud and delighted to share that the IB Blog has published 6th Round Square Collaborative Service Project undertaken by students of Pathways World School Aravali along with 4 other schools – during this summer.


The Round Square Collaborative Service Project on the IB Blog:



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One more feather in our cap!

We are delight to share with you all that Karan Chaudhary Grade 10 student at Pathways World School, Aravali recently Participated in the Open State Taekwondo Championship 2014, held on 9 August  He won a Gold amid tough competition. He had to fight through 2 fights to win the title, all of which ended in a victory due to the decision by a knockout.

The event was promoted by the Taekwondo Organization of India. Karan represented Haryana and Pathways at the tournament.

Karan has been asked by the Federation to represent India in Taekwondo very soon.

We are Proud of you, Karan!


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HMUN India Impact – Ekal Vidyalaya

Shyam SriramWe are immensely proud of our student – Shyam Sunder Sriram (Grade 11) at Pathways World School, Aravali. Though born in the comforts of the West, Shyam is passionate about bringing real change in India’s primary education sector and is working hand-in-hand with the government to guarantee that children go to schools and get empowered with quality education and life skills. As a delegate at the Model United Nations (HMUN) programme being conducted by Harvard University at Hyderabad from 13th Aug 2014, Shyam has nominated ‘Ekal Vidyalaya’, one of the leading NGOs in India that runs schools in tribal villages across the country.

Zee News covers this beautiful endeavour by Shyam:

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Summer Camp at Pathways Schools

Pathways Schools (Gurgaon and Noida) organised a special summer programme – Rediscovering Minds, a two week fun filled, interactive and engaging summer camp for children offering a plethora of activities.  Pathways Rediscovering Minds is designed for students to explore different areas of interests and build life skills, to go beyond books and curriculum, and to rediscover the sheer joy of learning. The school conceptualized a unique programme to provide children with an opportunity to engage in various modules and encourage learning that is fun filled and motivating.


The camp was designed to give the children an opportunity to do constructive learning this summer and had activities for children aged between 3+ to 15 yrs. Young artists explored the mediums, colours, paints and other crafts in the Visual Art classes while the young budding designers learnt how to use simple tools and had fun with wood, metal & paper in the Design & Technology class. Students were not only introduced to innovative, interactive, and educational Arts and Sciences workshops but to 3D Animation and Computer Game Designing as well. Performing Arts such as Dance, Music and Drama added another interesting flavour to the dynamic programme. All these workshops were complemented by sporting activities such as swimming, squash, badminton and chess. The students were provided with a workshop-like environment in which discovery learning is fostered and unbounded thinking is encouraged, and where responsible and caring behaviour supports personal development and self-worth.


The programme provided professional instruction and challenging activities in a supportive, diverse, and safe environment.


The programme ended with a spectacular showcase by the enthusiastic students which surely left their parents spell bound.

To bring parents closer to the daily learning, Live blogs for both Gurgaon & Noida Schools were run during the camp. The blogs shared pictures and anecdotes from the camp on a daily basis.

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Pathways School Gurgaon: The first K12 school on PLANET EARTH with LEED-EB Platinum Rating

It is a matter of great pride in sharing with you that Pathways School Gurgaon has been recognised as the highest rated Green Building amongst all the educational institutions in the world.

The ‘United States Green Building Council’ (USGBC) has recognised Pathways School Gurgaon for its ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ (LEED) thus conferring the honour of being the First school serving all grades K-12 in the world to achieve LEED-EB Platinum Certification. Among all the educational facilities worldwide who have achieved this top distinction which includes one High School and a small number of Universities, Pathways is the highest rated.

More details on our Green Building Approach are available at:

We thank all the stakeholders for being part of this journey. Together we strive to make a better world tomorrow.



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Inauguration of IT computer Labs at AKhlimpur & Baas Villages





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Best Innovative K-12 School

We are extremely delighted to share with you that Pathways Group of Schools has received the ‘Best Innovative K – 12 School (National)’ Award at the prestigious Indian Education Congress Awards – 2014, that recognize excellence in the Education sector. The event took place on 22th May 2014 at the Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund, Delhi.

The Awards evening was preceded by a Conference in which Mr. Prabhat Jain, Director, Pathways Schools had been invited as a guest speaker amongst many other key speakers from the Education and Corporate Sectors in India. The Indian Education Congress brought together Ministries of Education, Key Representatives of Educational Institutes, Trade Bodies and Association, Educationists, Academicians, NGOs, Policy Makers, Investment Groups and Stakeholders in the Education Sector under one roof. The two-day event covered the most pressing issues faced by the Education sector today. Along with framing the great debates, the Indian Education Congress offered tactical advice, while the Indian Education Awards ushered to the limelight new leadership in Indian Education sector.

Mr Rajesh Jain, Ms. Sangeeta Nag, Ms Monica Bajaj, Ms Bhagirathi Jhingra and Ms Jasmeet Chouhan represented Pathways at the Awards Evening on Thursday, and accepted the Award on behalf of the whole Pathways fraternity.

Compliments to the Students and the Faculty of Pathways Schools for their untiring dedication and commitment which has contributed greatly to this success.

pic 2

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An eye-opening sojourn



The above write up is written by Shreya Gupta, a Form 11 student from Pathways School Noida. This appeared in HT Student Edition on May 5th, 2014

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The Magic of Theatre-in-Education

eyesIt’s three in the afternoon and I am in the midst of a highly enthusiastic group of Grade 5 students. They are exploring “How the World Works”; their focus: “technology down the ages”. The first idea they come up with is a Time Machine – time travel, as a dramatic device, will give them the freedom to “explore” the past and the future without a very elaborate plotline.


The next step is to create a few characters: some time travellers and others playing multiple roles – natives of a certain age.  In a jiffy, we have four young people taking off in the time machine. They land in the Stone Age. Here four students take over as the “native” people. “What are you all doing?” I ask them. Immediately, two of them beginning to make stone tools; two others start making a fire – all through mime. “What sort of communication took place between them?” I ask again. Instantly, they are native speakers of gibberish!

The play goes on, partly improvised by them, with ideas suggested by their mentor – and incredibly, all the while, all I (the Drama Facilitator) am doing is to help give a shape to the drama.

The technique is very simple – we place children WITHIN the context, and ask a few leading questions. The theory behind this is that human beings in any day or age have some things in common – they FEEL, they THINK, they IMAGINE, they CREATE and they OFTEN makes mistakes from which they learn.

Theatre creates the safe space in which someone can step out of his/her own shoes and into someone else’s. There is nothing right and there is also nothing wrong. For kinaesthetic learners, theatre is the greatest boon of all – when they can get out from BEHIND the desks and out of their chairs: they can BECOME rivers, oceans, planets, starts, atoms, electrons… the possibilities are endless. And finally, the connection all children make with concepts they have explored through theatre is completely unparalleled.


Cathy Anubha Banerji

Drama Facilitator at Pathways World School, Aravali

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